How to cope with limp hair due to oily hair

Overcome limp hair

Production of excess oil on the scalp can indeed make the hair becomes limp. Oily hair is one of the problems that often interfere with women’s. Easy hair limp and flat very troubling when doing everyday activities. For those who have oily hair problem, of course often complained that the hair limp and can not be styled so as to make the appearance less okay.

Having limp hair will look lifeless and affect to someone’s appearance. Mostly, this problem is caused by genetic, psychological condition, nutritional deficiency, and wrong selection of hair treatment products. Lifeless hair will look dull, lack of luster and someone with this kind of hair will look pale and unhealthy.

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Hair with this condition has characteristic in which every single hair cell has thin size. Some ways can be done to trick this condition but it depends of the cause of the lifeless hair problem. Some ways can help to grow more hair but some others can just find the proper hairstyle to make the hair look thicker.

The Causes of Limp Hair

However, hair is one of part of the body that needs enough nutrition to grow well and result healthy hair. Thus, some lifeless hair problem caused by improper diet in which body does not get enough nutrition. Some people were born with thin hair and this is genetic.

If you like doing some hair experiments, you must be careful because some products can affect the hair healthy and some of them can damage the hair. Self-hygiene is also important factor why hair can be dull and lifeless. Health-related issues are also need to be considered if the lifeless hair problem happens for long time without possibility of genetic factors.

Solution for the Limp Hair

For improper diet matter, changing and finding new way of diet will be helpful to gain the healthy hair. Starting new healthy habits about food consumption and daily lifestyle can reserve your lost hair. Avoid stressing and pressure or having refreshments will help you prevent the lifeless hair.

Being more careful and selective in finding hair treatment products and make sure that the products you use is the right one. If you have genetic factor which causing the lifeless hair, you can do some trick with the haircut and hairstyle.

Those who have a problem with greasy hair, we must often really complain limp hair. So hair can not be styled and look unattractive. Currently, many solutions are offered by a variety of hair care products. However, it is good before looking for a solution to your hair, you should first identify the factors that cause oily hair. There is a solution to troubleshoot your greasy hair that makes limp your hair.

  1. Use mild shampoo, a special shampoo for oily hair and baby shampoo.
  2. Wash your hair every day. Focus on hair washing, is not on the scalp, because if focused on the scalp, this will only dry out.
  3. Rinse hair thoroughly with cold water. Because if you use warm water can make the scalp more oily.
  4. One of the problems of oily hair is dandruff. Treatment is to use hot oil and massaged on the scalp. Could use coconut oil. After treatment with hot oil, washing your hair to clean.
  5. Use conditioner only on the ends of hair only. Avoid using the conditioner on the hair shaft close to the hair root.
  6. Oily hair usually appears shiny, so avoid using hair gel. Because it will only make the hair look greasy and dull.
  7. Do not comb the hair too often, because friction comb on the scalp lead to excess oil production.

Food is the most important factor that often leads to the formation of oil on the scalp. If you frequently eat foods that are too high in oil, the body will react in a natural way and release it through the pores of the skin, including the scalp. Hopefully the information about tips on how to overcome the problem oily hair that makes limp hair above can be beneficial to you.

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