How to overcome the stomach acid using herbs

There are some natural ingredients that can be used to treat stomach acid. Ulcer is a disease caused by an excess of acid produced by the stomach acids that cause irritation to the mucous membrane of the stomach, under normal conditions of acid needed to aid digestion in processing the foods we eat.

Aside from excess stomach acid, stomach ulcers or gastritis or gastric ulcer is a disease that attacks the stomach occur due to injury or inflammation of the stomach that causes pain, heartburn, and tenderness in the abdomen other than as a result of inflammation of the stomach.

Lower abdominal pain in women both sides

There are some foods that can cause stomach acid to rise and there are also foods that can overcome the stomach acid. Causes of ulcer disease usually occur due to irregular eating patterns, there are harmful microorganisms, taking certain medications, or other causes such as irregular sleep patterns and stress. Ulcer also can occur when the patient is late to eat, then while eating the ulcer patients eat portions that are too much. For patients who have severe gastritis, ulcer disease is very dangerous.

Characteristic feature of ulcer disease symptoms are as follows:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Often feel hungry
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Tremendous pain
  • out of breath
  • head feels dizzy
  • tingling radiating to the legs and arms
  • frequent colds
  • often cold sweat
  • heart palpitations

To overcome the stomach acid and avoid ulcer disease by avoiding some foods that can trigger stomach acid. Food taboos ulcer disease, the following is the information that should be avoided or food should not be consumed by people with stomach ulcers include:

  • coffee,
  • chocolate
  • soft drink
  • citrus fruit juice
  • mixed fruit ice dessert

In addition to the above foods there are many more types of food that can be the cause of stomach acid. Food that may be difficult to digest such as spicy foods, fatty foods, cassava, noodles, corn, and many more. Actually, treatment of ulcer disease is not too difficult, but it takes a fairly long time for a full recovery. You can also use herbal ingredients are proven to be safe and efficacious.

If stomach acid up the majority of our society usually directly taking medication types of antacids to relieve the impact. In addition to medications, there are several types of foods and ingredients that can be used to cope with stomach acid such as honey, milk, organic honey, oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, baking soda and others.

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