How to prevent hair damage due to hair straightener tool

Prevent hair damage

Using hair straightener tool is one way that we can do to get beautiful hair in an instant. Unfortunately, too often using a hair straightener tool can cause damage to the hair, such as hair becomes hair loss, dry, brittle, branched and dull.

Using a hair straightener tool can make your hair straight and are beautifully orchestrated in a few minutes. However, hair straightener tool can also provide a positive and negative impact on hair.

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Hair straightener tool is an alternative for hair styling quickly. But you should be careful using it. Do not get damaged and dry hair due to inappropriate use of the hair straightener tool.

If you use a hair straightener every day, make sure your hair is always maintained. Hair straightener tool uses very high hot temperatures. If applied to the hair continuously without intensive care, the hair can be brittle, branched and broken.

To prevent hair damaged by frequent use of hair straightener tool, do not using hair straightener when wet. After washing your hair, wait until the hair dry, then starting using hair straighteners.

Apply a protective serum, lotion or cream hair moisturizer before using hair straightener tool. Separate the hair into sections and straightening bit by bit, starting from the root.

Grit hair straightener tool and do it slowly from the hair root to tip. Do not use on the hair piece over and over again, friction can damage the hair cuticle. To get the best results, hold the hair straightener tool on each section of hair over six seconds.

In addition to hair care and prevent hair damage, you also have to take care of hair straightening tool for durability. Do not put tool in damp places such as bathrooms, for example. Steam will damage the electronic circuit objects. Clean tools after use your hair straightener with a wet towel.

Pick a hair straightener with ceramic coating with good quality. Because the ceramic coating has a thermal conductivity that is lower and more secure for our hair than on hair straightener tool with layers of iron.

5 mistakes that cause hair damage

Everyone wants hair shiny, soft, and healthy. Various methods are used to improve the appearance of the hair style. But you do not realize that hair style can also lead to damaged hair, especially in women. Women tend to have a hair style with a variety of coloring, straightening, and use any hair tools. Damaged hair include many things such as dry hair, branched, gray hair, hair loss and many more.

Sometimes we do not realize that to do the following on the hair can cause hair damage. What is it? These are the five mistakes that cause hair damage.

  1. Turns wash every day can cause hair damage. Why? Wash to remove dirt on the scalp. Scalp hair becomes feels fresh and clean, but wash causes the natural oils on the scalp is reduced even exhausted. Oil glands in the scalp can detect levels of moisture, so that when the scalp loses moisture due to loss of their natural oils will produce more oil. If the production of excess oil then you can guess what happened, yes, greasy hair.
  2. When we want a complete wash hair dry faster. Before using hair dryers certainly dried using a towel. Dry your hair using a towel with rubbing can damage the hair shaft. Stems and roots of the hair will be attracted, causing more loss. Press the surface of the hair, especially at the base and tip of the hair.
  3. Unhealthy diet can lead to nutritional intake the body needs to be reduced, especially in the hair. Hair needs vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. Reduced nutrients in the same food with the nutrients it needs hair reduction. Choose a healthy and balanced diet that hair is not dull and even damaged.
  4. Highly recommended to comb the hair before bed. It is intended that the hair is not getting tangled while you sleep.
  5. For those of you who like tying the hair when the hair binding should limit their activities. During sleep let her hair loose, free from the bonds of the hair root so relaxed. This can help the absorption of nutrients to the hair roots.

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