How to remove dark spot on lip

How exactly eliminate dark spots on the lips is a pride for women can have red lips. For those of you who already have your red lips must always continue to take care of him, because without treatment red lips can be black because of certain reasons. Causes skin around the lips blackened there are a lot of factors. For example, due to hormonal changes or due to the use of cosmetics, or because of smoking.

For proper way eliminate the dark color on the lips, as I read in some book of health there are some interesting ways and tips that you can try to do:

eliminating dark color in the lips with cucumber

This is the right way eliminate the dark color on the lips:

1. Lemon – Eliminate the dark color on the lips with lemon. Lemon-known as a natural bleach. To obtain maximum results, you can try to mix lemon with honey and yogurt. Next apply the skin around while a massage.

2. Wheat flour – eliminating dark color on the lips with flour. To eliminate the dark skin around the lips, mix flour with turmeric and milk proved successful. This herb is proven to whiten skin and remove dead skin cells. You can try it, do not forget to give you a massage while applying it.

3. Aloe vera – eliminating dark color in the lips with aloe vera. To eliminate the black leather around your mouth can also try using aloe vera. The content in aloe vera can remove dead skin cells.

4. Cucumber – Cucumber can make your lips red naturally. If by chance your home there are no ingredients on top and there are only a cucumber, you can use cucumber to overcome the problem of dark skin around your lips. Puree cucumber with lemon, and rub around the lips. Let stand for a few minutes and wash with cold water.

Similarly, the proper way to eliminate some dark color on the lips, always take care of the health of your mouth and avoid excessive use of cosmetics, immediately clean the rest of cosmetics when it is not needed.

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