think faster and slower, training think faster, think faster than speak

How to think faster than you speak

Knowing how to train the brain to think faster and more creatively it is important that we can be more focused and have the ability to remember things. Besides, this exercise can make us fast learning a particular skill or expertise and something new at the same time avoiding diseases such as Alzheimer’s in old age.

How to train the brain to think fast

  • Learn to remember something. Memory activity in the brain includes three parts: receive information, remembering and thinking. So all three parts must be carried out simultaneously every day so that our brains are trained to remember a lot of things.
  • Do not like to delay the work. By doing new things constantly then your brain will be used to train yourself to do something new with faster and better. We recommend that you avoid thinking to delay something or work to be done because if you immediately do something new then you will train your brain to not wait until the last minute to do something. So do not think it’s a trivial job or very easy to do, you better do what you can do to your brain continuously trained to find a way to get things done better and faster.
  • Learn something new. If you learn something new, the more trained your brain to think creatively. For example, if you learn a new language, then it would stimulate your brain to think and express something differently.
  • Perform lifestyle and healthy eating. Healthy foods such as fish, fruits and fresh vegetables can encourage your brain to work optimally and faster. Eating chocolate in moderation is also recommended because chocolate contains substances that stimulate dopamine your brain to think and remember better. Chocolate also contains flavonols and anti-oxidants that improve brain performance. Healthy lifestyle you should also do, like not staying up late and enough rest so that your body fresh every day so that better brain performance.

think faster and slower, training think faster, think faster than speak

How to Think Faster than You Speak

It is recommended to think faster than you speak because if you speak faster than you think, it might get you into trouble. Some people might put dislike feeling toward someone who likes to saying things without thinking about it first.

There are some negatives sides that can be harmful if you like to speak faster than think. The first side, it can affect other people and the second side it can affect your own life. By speaking faster than think, you can hurt others’ feeling and these people might put some distance toward you.

Others might not trust you anymore because of the words which are come out without proper thinking. The other effect that might come upon you if you like to speak faster than think are give false information, tends to lie and reckless in taking decisions.

There are some ways that you can do in order to think faster than you speak. First, you need to control your own words. Stop talking about unnecessary things and stop giving comments or opinions if it is not that important.

Second, you need to do a regular exercise to change your bad habit of talking without proper thinking. Furthermore, you need to have a commitment toward yourself to change in order to be a better person.

Third, if you do not really know about certain matter or problem, you need to keep yourself silence, like an old proverb that says “Silence is golden”. If you use the proverb in the right moment, it will reward you respect from others because sometimes saying nothing is the most preferred option.

Fourth, you must eliminate your need of being in the spotlight. It is the time for you to be a good listener than to be a big talker. Fifth, doing positives activities such as gardening, sport, writing, instead of doing activities that bring negative income such as gossiping and talking about someone else. Think faster focus better and remember.

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