The things that can cause hair damage

Cause hair damage

Most women want long hair, thick, shiny, soft and not branched. You of course want to be able to get a dream hair as long as doing the hair care right way. Perform maintenance on your hair it often brings problem. The process of blow after creambath or other hair treatment, which is done repeatedly it brings new problems like hair brittle and broken.

Hair care does not always get a positive result. If the current hair feels rough, damaged or fall out, means there are some things you do not do it or you’ve been doing the wrong thing in hair care. Therefore, avoid doing these things. The things that can cause hair damage.

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Shampooing every day, too frequent shampooing can make your hair and scalp to become dry which can cause more severe problems. If oily hair often when not shampooing, focus provide the shampoo on the head porters, shampooing the hair roots only. Also avoid products with sodium lauryl sulfate formula, because it can aggravate the dryness of hair.

Let the split ends, split ends can inhibit hair growth. Therefore, do not forget to do the trimming or you can also go to the salon every two or three months for treatment. Combing when wet. Damaged hair may also be caused by your comb. Hair is in the weakest state when wet, so use a serrated comb comb rare or combing using your fingers.

Often use the tools of hot temperature. Hot temperatures can damage the hair. Especially, when you routinely use hot temperature tools for hair styling. If you can not avoid their use, make sure you apply the formula use a heat protector and lowest temperatures while wearing hot temperature tools.

Not use conditioner, apply conditioner after shampooing is one of the easiest ways to add moisture to the hair. Avoid the use of products all-in-one, because the shampoo is used to clean the dirt, while the conditioner is used to keep hair moist. You can apply a deep conditioner once a week in accordance with the needs of hair.

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. Concentrate on the scalp area while you shampooing and gently massage your scalp with natural oils once a week to stimulate the hair root.

Rubbing the hair with a towel, rubbing your hair with a towel to dry wet hair after shampooing without you knowing it can damage the hair. It happened because of the friction between your hair and towel.

Cure the Damaged Hair

Everyone can have beautiful hair. To have the gorgeous and beautiful hair, you need to make sure that your hair is healthy and have fewer problems. Therefore you need to give much attention on avoiding some hair problems that will make troubling your hair.

If you do not give enough treatment to your hair or give the care on it, your hair can be damaged. The damaged hair will look so awful and  will make you loose your charm. For that, you need to do several steps bellow and ensure that this hair problem will never come again.

The first thing you need to do is to know your hair characteristic. some people start to treat the damaged hair too careless by do the hair treatment without knowing their own hair characteristic. By knowing the character, we can do the next step by choosing the right treatment for the hair. For the treatment, you can do the daily and also the specific hair treatment.

For the daily treatment, you can do the shampooing and also conditioning your hair frequently, as well as putting the hair vitamin to get the maximum result. Learn about the product first before choosing the shampoo or conditioner you will use.  The wrong product will result the hair disaster.

The damaged hair will never be cured in one or two treatment. So you need to me more diligent to treat your hair so that you will have the beautiful hair you always dream of. Ensure that you do the daily treatment with the right product that will transform your hair into better look. Do it based on your hair character. Do not over do your hair and remember to keep it clean. The left over chemical even it is from your treatment product will make your hair get the more problem.

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