Efficacy of carrot for skin health and beauty

Carrot for skin health

Efficacy of carrot for skin health and beauty. Carrots are considered very beneficial for liver due to the effects of Vitamin A which is the process of cleansing the body. Vitamin A reduces bile and fat in liver.

However, to reap the maximum benefits from vitamin A, it is said that by drinking carrot juice which is done regularly. Liver can store vitamin A in the longer term.

Lack of vitamin A can cause dryness and damage to the skin, nails and hair. Drinking carrot juice produce Vitamin A is said to benefit the various parts of the body. Vitamin A also strengthens bones and teeth.

For humans, a deficiency of vitamin A can cause a decrease in the power of vision, including night blindness. To avoid this, you would have to take vitamin A on a regular basis.

Carrot juice is thought to reduce the risk of many types of cancer including skin and breast cancer. Research has linked Vitamin A with cancer prevention with antioxidant properties that help eliminate cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

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Other efficacy of carrots for healthy and skin

Works as an antiseptic; Already in ancient times believed carrots can be a good antiseptic to prevent infection of the skin. The easiest way is by applying it to the wound and bandaged it up to dry.

Beautify skin; Carrots can treat the skin. Efficacy including maintaining and caring for the skin damage caused by sun exposure. In addition, the content of vitamin A in carrots can expel pigmentation or dark spots on the skin. Making carrot masks on the skin to prevent and reduce wrinkles on the face.

Prevent cancer; Because falcarinol content, this powerful carrot to reduce the risk of cancer, especially colon cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. Fiber can help cleanse the colon with a maximum and improving the quality of the cells in the breast.

For the power of vision (night blindness); Take carrots then washed. After the skin is peeled, grated or blended after the cut. Mix with boiled water, then strain into a glass. You can add sugar as a sweetener. Drink every morning, afternoon, and evening.

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