newborn peeling skin

How to care newborn peeling skin in creases

Want to know how the baby skin care, to avoid skin diseases such as peeling skin in newborn especially the skin creases? Once the baby home from the hospital sometimes as a new mother we are confused as to what is necessary care for the child. Confused what daily care products should be used? How many times your child needs to be bathed? How do I wash the clothes of the baby? etc.

Newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive, as well as the body’s immune system of the baby. One of the problems that can occur in newborns is skin peeling. Chemicals, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and detergents in everyday baby care products can sometimes cause irritation, dry skin, chapped skin, and skin rashes. But do not worry, things above can be prevented and avoided.

newborn peeling skin

Cause of newborn peeling skin

Newborn skin usually looks wrinkled and sometimes looks like a white layer of skin peeling. The layer is a protective layer babies called Vernix”. Vernix will peel off by itself in the first week of the baby is born then this layer does not need to be polished, or spread with cream / moisturizer.

Consulting a doctor is the right thing to know how to care of newborn from peeling skin etc,.. Pediatricians sometimes advocated for the baby should not be bathed too often because of chemical exposure in daily care products baby can trigger skin allergies in the advanced stages of a child’s life.

Here are some tips on skin care of the newborn

  1. Because a baby’s immune system is still developing, you should use a mild baby soap for baby’s skin does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the baby’s skin.
  2. Avoid bathing too often, because when bathing too often can lift the skin’s natural oils, or the so-called “sebum”. Baby’s skin becomes more prone to react with the chemicals making it easier for allergy and irritation.
  3. Wash baby clothes before use. Use the laundry soap that does not contain synthetic fragrances, bleach, or phosphate.
  4. Clothes, sheets, and blankets the baby washed separately from other laundry and family members. To wash should be rinsed one time more often to make sure there are no traces of detergent in clothing or bed linen and blanket the baby.

The skin creases on the newborn’s body, such as the neck, arms, back of the knee, thigh, or abdomen, which many indeed need your attention. Why? Because the skin creases on the newborn’s body tend to be warmer, making it a convenient place for bacteria to live. In the area of skin creases also allows surface skin to sweat and rub against each other. As a result, the skin can become irritated and reddish.

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