How to moisturize hair by using coconut milk

Moisturize hair

How to moisturize hair by using coconut milk. How to moisturize natural hair with coconut milk. Be healthy and shiny hair every people’s dream. While dull hair will make an appearance is not prime, thereby reducing high confidence.

Used conditioner is very important for the health of our hair, but how can it be healthy if the materials that we use materials containing silicon and ianolin. There is a solution that is safe to use cheap practical and simple. In order to be beautiful radiant hair and easy to set formulas or natural moisturizing conditioner can use coconut milk.

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Coconut milk can be made a great natural conditioner, because nutritious coconut milk as a natural conditioner to soften, moisturize, and hair growth. Benefits not only to moisturize your hair but also can overcome the problem hair graying and dandruff. Attention to use to use reasonable limit, usually for short hair conditioner use 2 ml is enough. While for medium hair takes 4 ml and of course for long hair takes 6 ml conditioner.

You can also use the technique of using a comb. Thick coconut milk is applied to the hair using a comb serrated rare and left for about 1 minute before rinsing it under running water with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

After a wash with shampoo, apply coconut milk on the scalp and hair shaft. Massage the scalp gently continuously. then rinse thoroughly. Continuous massage to activate the oil glands and accelerate blood circulation in the scalp so that hair becoming healthier and stronger.

After all passed and done, dry the hair with a towel pressing on wet hair. Do not rub it, let your hair dry naturally. Attention to use only natural, remember something excessive about anything not to be good but actually harmful. Good luck moisturizes hair naturally and get healthy and shiny hair.

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