How to remove underarm hair or armpit hairs permanently

Remove armpit hairs permanently

How to remove underarm hair or armpit hairs permanently | All people have underarm hair or fur since it began a teenager. Some people have a bushy armpit hair, while others have thin hair and sparse, as feather. Women are generally more diligent to remove underarm hair than men. Armpit looks much cleaner look without feathers. Shaving or plucking the armpit hairs will not make it grow thicker.

There are many methods you can use to remove underarm hair. In general, several methods of hair removal practiced in other body parts can be used on underarm hair. How to remove underarm hair with permanent and natural is very much sought after by those who want to completely eliminate underarm hair growing around his armpits. Especially for women. Because although beautiful but if she had bushy armpit hairs, then this could reduce her beauty.

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How to remove underarm hair can be done by:

Shave underarm hair; Shaving hair in the armpit can be done using scissors or a razor. This is the most easy and cheap to get rid of your underarm hair. Its main disadvantage is the relatively short term effect. In fact, the hair will start to grow again the next day so you have to shave often repeated. Additionally, if you do not perform properly, shaving can cause black armpit.

To shave properly can be done by applying a cream or shaving foam in the armpits before shaving. You can also use the shampoo if you do not have any. Make sure you use a sharp razor. This is important because the use of blunt knives can injure the skin by an uneven blade. Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Do not hurry so you do not accidentally injure your underarm skin. Apply a skin moisturizer after shaving.

Revoke; Plucking the underarm hair using tweezers can be done to remove underarm hair permanently. But if not completely uprooted until root can make armpit hair grow back and grow into.

Waxing / sugaring; Waxing / sugaring is a good method to remove underarm hair. You can do the waxing / sugaring yourself at home or ask a professional skin / beauty to do so. Advantages of waxing / sugaring is a relatively affordable cost and provide longer lasting results than shaving. The disadvantage is that some people find this technique difficult to apply and the fear of experiencing pain. This does not happen if the waxing / sugaring is done properly.

Hair removal cream; Cream to remove hair can be purchased at drug stores. The advantage of using the cream is the ease of use and in a few weeks of your armpit hair free. The disadvantage, if your underarm skin is sensitive then this cream can cause skin irritation that is uncomfortable. When using this cream, always follow the instructions of use, and if in doubt try to apply a little cream on the skin that are less sensitive first. After using this cream, use a moisturizing cream as some chemicals used in hair removal creams can make skin become rough.

Electrolysis; This technique is relatively new and is the only method that can completely remove underarm hair permanently. In this technique, the hair follicles of small electrified to kill the cells. If you are interested in this treatment, we recommend you visit a competent professional to do it.

Underarm hair useful to protect from toxic substances who want to enter from outside the body. Lymph glands in the armpits there are easy transport toxic mainly to breast and other body parts. Conclusion of the relationship between cancer and shave armpit. Each hair that grows on the body is able to maintain vital organ that is nearby, and it is ironic that many women are plucking the armpit for reasons of fashion, whereas near the armpit there is a very important organ, breast.

When shave her armpits, it will display the wounds invisible and pores will enlarge on armpit. This allows toxins and chemicals from a variety of products such as deodorants, powders, and creams will easily fit into the skin. Toxins that enter it will then be buried in the breast and subsequently can lead to breast cancer.

Plucking the underarm hair can also cause ulcers / furuncles on the axilla, which is infection of the hair follicle and surrounding areas in the armpits. When shaved, the skin armpits hurt, and entry of bacteria, because it should be after shave, washed armpits with water and soap, then apply after shave lotion to prevent entry of germs.

Shaving underarm hair can cause irritation. To avoid irritation, use a shaving cream before shaving. After shaving wear emollient / skin softener. This how to remove underarm hair or armpit hairs permanently.

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