How to whiten teeth naturally from yellow using miswak

How to whiten teeth naturally from yellow? Why teeth become yellow? Basically everyone has white teeth, but the color of the teeth can be changed due to many factors. Discoloration of the teeth become yellow due to lack of maintenance.

How to whiten teeth overnight from yellow may only be performed in the clinic but at a cost that is not cheap. Color teeth look white in biology is the color of the transparent layer of tooth enamel, dentin layer color in it as well as the color of the layer that sits between the enamel and dentin.

Research shows that tooth color could be changed due to stains that can come from outside or from within. Here are the factors that cause teeth to yellow both extrinsic (external factor) and intrinsic (internal factor).

Although difficult to avoid yellow teeth, still no way to restore the white color of natural teeth. Many people who spend money to whiten teeth quickly in health and beauty clinic. One of the natural ingredients to whiten teeth naturally is to use Miswak.

How to whiten teeth naturally using miswak

Siwak or miswak we know to clean the teeth. Miswak is actually a tree limb or part of Siwak. Siwak has long been used as a natural ingredient for maintaining the cleanliness and natural white color of the teeth.

  1. Use Miswak which has a soft texture, Miswak can be obtained from the stems or roots of plants Miswak
  2. Puree a Miswak until they become powder
  3. Mix the miswak powder with a little water and rub the paste on the teeth
  4. Clean or gargle after five minutes
  5. This treatment can be carried out twice a week to get maximum results.

How to prevent yellow teeth

  1. Brushing teeth regularly
  2. Using a drinking straw when drinking coffee
  3. Drinking milk

1. Lazy to brush teeth is one of the factors extrinsic cause teeth to yellow. If you want to have healthy teeth, white and sparkling so diligent brushing teeth at least twice a day after meals, especially before bed. Not only prevents yellow teeth, the toothbrush can also whiten teeth.

Brushing teeth is not only clean the mouth of bacteria and food waste, but also can help restore the natural color of teeth. Today many products that contain whitening toothpastes on the market, we just choose which toothpaste is suitable and we can use every day.

2. Drinking straw can be used to prevent direct contact with beverages such as color and temperature of the drink. Use a drinking straw when drinking coffee, tea or other drinks that can affect the color of teeth.

This is to prevent direct exposure to the substances contained in the drink with enamel on the teeth. The dye contained in coffee and tea can settle on the teeth and over time cause stains on tooth enamel. Stain will make the teeth become yellow if left unchecked.

3. Consuming dairy products, especially milk sterile without additional flavors and colorings can help keep teeth white and prevent the teeth become yellow. The natural color of white milk and calcium therein is not only to make our teeth become strong and healthy, but make it white.

The dye in the milk can remove the stain attached to tooth enamel and restore the natural color of teeth. Choose pure milk products without added sugar or other addictive substances and consume at least twice a day.

Drinking milk is delicious but keep in mind also that the temperature of the drink can affect the color and damage the enamel on the teeth. Therefore, you should consume milk in a state not too hot and not too cold.

Natural ingredients that can be used to whiten teeth is not just miswak. There are still many other natural ingredients such as whiten teeth using baking soda, lemon and others. Try one of the few ways to whiten teeth naturally at home regularly to obtain maximum results.

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