How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide and side effects

How to whiten teeth quickly I will explain this time comes from several sources such as the internet, quick but not overnight. Yellow teeth often cause someone to feel shame and difficult to get along. Whiten teeth which we’ll describe today is to use hydrogen.

Yellow teeth also indicates that the teeth is unhealthy and can damage the health of the body such as the mouth and gums. Therefore if you are one of many people who experience health problems in your teeth must read this article whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide.

Natural tooth color will be darker in line with age. Other factors can also cause yellow teeth, such as chromogenic materials in coffee and tea, nerve damage due to accidents, smoking and certain antibiotics.

In whiten teeth known as bleaching. You can whiten your teeth using natural materials are widely known but not instant. If you want to get the maximum results also should be done routinely.

How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

Most dentists will offer teeth whitening for patients. For a cheaper solution, while you can whiten teeth at home using hydrogen peroxide to obtain similar results. You can purchase teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide 3% are sold freely in pharmacies. Whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide 3% has been recognized as safe practices by the American Dental Association.

Pour about 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of the antiseptic liquid into your mouth and gargle for about 1 minute. This liquid will begin frothing, this is a sign that the hydrogen peroxide works. Hydrogen peroxide combined with oral bacteria which causes the formation of bubbles in your mouth. Remove and rinse your mouth with water. Then brush your teeth as usual.

The side effects from the use of hydrogen peroxide

Dr Bruce A Matis, who conducted research on teeth whitening, stating that the maximum levels of hydrogen peroxide are safe for use by patients at home areĀ  H2O2 10 percent. And the American Dental Association, a body that also monitors the dental materials circulating in the US, approved the levels of the safe and effective.

So far there has been no special effects from the use of hydrogen peroxide in excess. To my knowledge there are no side effects of hydrogen peroxide. Do not swallow hydrogen peroxide. If you swallow hydrogen peroxide, see your doctor. Do not use too much hydrogen peroxide because it can damage tooth enamel.

The use of tooth whitening should be done by a dentist who know the side effects of the material in question and take precautions against adverse effects which would arise and treat the sensitivity that occurs after the use of tooth whitening ingredients.

Teeth whitening can be done in the field of dentistry. Bleaching may include two things, first that eliminates color extrinsic, the colors that stick on the surface of the tooth. It usually occurs due to adhesion of color food or beverage that leaves brownish tar on the teeth, which occurs gradually in the long term.

While the second is the intrinsic color, experiencing tooth discoloration or color change that occurs during the formation of the tooth structure. An example is a grayish color of tooth affected antibiotics, occur in children under the age of 8 years or during his mother’s womb.

Keep in mind that not all patients can be done teeth whitening. Patients who have cavities were almost to the nerves and blood vessels, dental hypersensitivity, and dental fillings are damaged, repair and maintenance must be done prior to dental conditions improve.

Frequency of action teeth whitening on Dental Clinic should not be too frequent and within adjacent. We recommend that you do a back tooth whitening, after the color of your teeth turn back yellow. The average time of tooth color after bleaching is one year, depending on eating habits, drinking and smoking every patient.

Most people prefer to whiten teeth at home than have to go to a dental clinic. You can try the method using hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth at home, but you should perform in accordance with the recommendations safe. Whiten teeth is not instant, but if underway on a regular basis then the result is also the maximum.

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