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Oily hair home remedies use baby powder

Oily hair care with home remedies using baby powder. Oily hair can make you frustrated. This could happen even a few moments after you wash it and you’re getting that your hair looks dull and limp. Although so many offers available in the market but not much help.

It is estimated that the majority of people who have fine hair have more problems with oily hair than others. This is because they have a lot more hair, more likely to have more oil glands. So the problem with oily hair can be more if you have hair smooth. Influence of the heat will aggravate the condition oily hair.

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How to reduce the oil on your hair with ingredients easily available, how to reduce excess oil on the hair as a form of hair care in addressing the problem of oily hair. Oily hair of course can lead your hair look limp. Beside that also the excess oil on your hair condition can lead to dust and dirt easily sticks to the hair which could trigger dandruff.

Oily hair problems caused by the body producing too much oil in providing natural moisture. Factors affecting the body produces excess oil can be due to an unhealthy lifestyle, eating some foods that cause oil, high stress even oily hair can be caused by interference with the scalp cells.

How to prevent oily hair

Actually there are many factors that can trigger the production of excess oil on the scalp, such as the effect of food, shampoo, or because of stress. Here are a few tips and you should consider solution to treat oily hair.

  • Keep your hair to keep it clean. Dirt from the outside such as dust and pollution can trigger your scalp to produce more oil. To overcome this, shampooing at least once every 2 days to ensure your hair stays clean.
  • Do not scratch your scalp. Oily scalp will feel itchy, but scratching is a wrong action. Scratching the scalp will make the oil glands become depressed so there will be more oil out of your scalp.
  • Avoid spicy foods, acidic, and greasy. Foods that are too oily, sour, and spicy can trigger the production of excess oil on your hair. To that end, reduce three types of food consumed and multiply to consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Baby powder as a home remedies for oily hair

Powder can be used as a way to overcome excess oil on the scalp and hair. Using baby powder on the scalp can tackle excess oil which is a fast way to tackle excess oil in the hair. Once the scalp sprinkle with baby powder then you can flatten it until the end of the hair using a comb.

To note here at reducing oil on the hair by using a powder is you have to be diligent hair wash to prevent buildup the powder on the scalp. Buildup the powder is mixed with oil and sweat on the scalp will certainly easily become dandruff.

Give extra nutrients to your hair by using natural ingredients to overcome the excess oil on your hair and scalp. Effective baby powder as a home remedies of oily hair. Baby powder as a home remedies is quite effective in dealing with oily hair naturally.

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