Tips on hair care to prevent split ends

Prevent split ends

Split ends can happen because the hair is dry and moisture is very less. So that the edges become cracked, and generally hair color will be golden brown. If left alone, the hair tip branching will make damaged hair shaft making hair easy to fall off.

To overcome the split ends, many people even cut the ends of the hair. The solution sometimes be a powerful weapon to escape from branched hair problems. Cut end of the hair is not the right solution, if the problem is in your hair, do not minimize the appearance of split ends, might be a few weeks after you cut off the ends, split ends appear again on your new hair.

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Before figuring out how how to cope with split ends is better first to identify the causes of split ends which of course is made ??uneasy because ruin the appearance. There are several factors that make the hair branching, such as dry scalp, hair coloring, lack of nutrients to the hair, combing hair too strong or harsh, and the use of hair dryer too often.

Usually the split ends appear as hair growth. Oil produced by oil glands under the skin does not get down to the hair ends. Causing the ends of the hair becomes more dry and brittle than the middle or hair roots.

How to prevent split ends

  • Comb before shampooing. Shampooing in a tangled hair state will actually cause hair breakage and damaged. Before shampooing, comb hair with prior rare toothed comb in order to not tangle when washing your hair. Also should wash one’s head in an upright position, so the position is in a state of straight hair.
  • Use conditioner, the conditioner is very important to moisturize hair from the outside. Use hair conditioner when dry. Nutrients from the conditioner will keep the moisture and care for each hair shaft to healthy again.
  • Do not rub your hair with a towel. Use a soft towel, wrap the hair to absorb the remaining water after shampooing. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel so as not to hurt the hair shaft.
  • Avoid hair dryer, hair dryer can indeed make hair dry faster. But the fact that it generates excessive heat will damage your hair. If you do have to use a blow dryer, you should apply the serum. This serum will be a shield for the extra care so even if exposed to heat from a hair dryer, the hair will keep it moist.
  • Choose a shampoo that is rich moisturizer, it will help protect and repair your damaged hair. For that, see also the content of moisturizer shampoo you use.

The hair cuticle should be in charge of providing protection against every strand of hair to keep it healthy and glowing. However, if the cuticle is damaged, which is caused by the factors above, then cuticle will fail and maintain its protection so that the hair will become dry and brittle, and there was hair branching.

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