Easy way to hair rebonding at home efficiently

Easy way to hair rebonding at home. Basically women want to have straight and healthy hair. How to rebonding hair you can do easily at home. Way cheaper than having to the salon with a high cost. Beautiful hair, straight and well groomed it becomes a dream of the women, besides women sometimes men also many who want straight hair.

Maybe for people who already have straight hair does not have to bother anymore. In addition, straight hair will be easier to tidy and styled. However for people who have curly hairs of course it will be harder to set up so that people who have difficult hair are arranged to be interested in hair rebonding.

Hair Care Tips For Rebonded Hair, Hair Care After Rebonding, How To Maintain Rebonded Hair
Easy way to hair rebonding at home

One way to straighten your own hair is by rebonding, but usually rebonding is done in the salon and for its cost is also quite expensive depending on the type of material used, hair size and also each of the salon.

Because the cost is quite expensive, then some people who want to straighten hair or hair rebonding be inhibited. But you do not have to worry because it can be done alone at home and the results also will not disappoint. In addition, of course, will be more efficient with low cost.

Easy way to hair rebonding at home

  1. To rebonding hair at home, make sure your hair is dry. Then separate your hair into 4 parts and hairpins, then rub the hair with cream rebonding evenly, from the base up to a distance of 1 cm from the scalp.
  2. Do not comb your hair after using the rebonding material, let it soak into the hair. Let stand approximately 30 minutes to one hour for hair that has never done rebonding, but if you’ve ever done hair rebonding then only 15 minutes.
  3. Comb the hair, then press with the middle finger and index finger until it looks thin and let stand for approximately 20 minutes.
  4. After 20 minutes, rinse hair with clean water then dry, make sure it is really dry to be easy to rebonding. Before using hair rebonding tool, use anti frizz in advance for the hair protected from the heat vise. If it is, then heat vise your hair thinly until the results are perfect.
  5. After using heat vise then apply more layer cream on hair evenly and let stand for approximately 45 minutes. After that wash with clean water and dry. After dry then use again anti frizz and heat vise the hair again.

How to care for hair after rebonding

How to hair care after rebonding to stay healthy and last longer. How to care for hair rebonding that you should consider in taking care of the hair after rebonding done in order to last longer. Hair care should be done the right way in order to avoid the problems that exist on the hair.

Moreover, after doing rebonding for your hair, to conduct intensive care will certainly minimize any possible damage incurred during the rebonding process. Many people who want a more straight hair through the fast way like choosing to do rebonding. Though in general by the hair rebonding then hair surely be more susceptible to damage.

The use of chemicals and equipment used when rebonding hair can certainly harm. If you are not careful in doing this treatment after rebonding hair not only straight last longer but damaged hair. How to hair care after rebonding through proper care in maintaining and caring for hair health.

At the time of shampooing, you should use the recommended shampoo specifically for hair care after rebonding. This is certainly intended that straight hair can last longer, adjust well with your hair type. Be careful about using shampoos for use in the treatment rebonding your hair, the less precisely the type of shampoo used will aggravate your own hair health.

Always use a separate conditioner than shampoo, using conditioner is intended to provide extra moisture to the hair which is prone to dry hair and even chapped. After doing rebonding should not do anything else on your hair such as hair coloring. For more durable after rebonding should avoid tying or pinning your hair. With clamping or tying cause your hair be bumpy.

At the time of doing rebonding should use products that are safe for the hair. Perform daily maintenance also using natural hair masks that you can make yourself at home to restore the natural moisture or the health of your hair. How to rebonding hair at home you can do easily and use natural materials.

So that’s how to rebonding your hair at home, even though it’s quite simple, of course, it’s quite difficult when applying rebonding remedy and also heat vise your hair’s, so you can ask your friends to apply cream and heat vise to your hair.

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