Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy Second Trimester

Tuesday, February 18th 2014. | Health

Abdominal pain right side, abdominal pain left side and abdominal pain during pregnancy can occur in women. The pregnancy is something wondering for all women. For sure, that is one of the expected things for all people. Still, that will be something worrying especially if the pregnancy is our first experience. The little problem that happens can be really worrying us. It means that we need much further information about pregnancy.

Something which often makes us worried is about the pain. Actually when we are pregnant, we have to be ready to get any kinds of pain, including the muscle and joint pain. Other kinds of pain that we might experience during the pregnancy are the abdominal pain. It might happen in first trimester, second trimester, or even third trimester.

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Getting pain, including the abdominal pain, is actually something normal, as long as we can deal with that and we can still do various activities as usual. However, when it becomes much more terrific and we are not able to do any activities, it means that we need to go to a doctor to check it up. What if it happens during the second trimester? Perhaps, the abdominal pain during pregnancy second trimester is something normal and we do not need something to worry about. Still, there is something which can also still possible to happen, as like the late miscarriage but it happens in second trimester which has the lower risk of miscarriage.

The abdominal pain can be something worrying in second trimester if there is bleeding which is also combined with heavy cramps. When the bleeding is not really heavy, you can try calling your doctor or midwife to get the better advice, but when there is the heavy bleeding with worse cramps, it means that you have to go to nearest ones immediately. Still, the risk of this problem is still low in this second trimester. That is what we need to know about the pain which can happen anytime during our pregnancy.

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