Abdominal Pain Right Side during Pregnancy

Tuesday, February 18th 2014. | Health

Cause of abdominal pain right side during pregnancy. When the women are getting pregnant, that will be the sweetest moment which happens to the life. Of course, no one of the women wants to have no little baby. Sure, all of them are expecting for a baby someday in their life.

That is why, when we are getting pregnant, especially after the long time of trying to conceive, it will be the great news for us. However, it means that we also need to enrich our knowledge about the pregnancy in order to know what is normal and what is abnormal happen during the pregnancy. That is especially if it is our first pregnancy.

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The first thing which we need to know and we have to deal with is regarding to the pain. That is including about the abdominal pain. Getting pain during the pregnancy is something normal actually if it happens only without any other problems, as like the cramps which happen in normal intensity.

When the abdominal pain happens on the right side, that is actually not worrying thing, as long as there is no other problems which come together as like bleeding. The common abdominal pain can happens in the right side of the abdominal during the pregnancy is caused by the uterus which can tilt to the right side because the baby is growing. Thus, it is something normal if the cramp or pain of the abdominal comes more often.

That is something good that means our baby is still growing well and we have to be ready experiencing the more painful thing that we feel. Still, we can make it better by getting relaxed, such like we can take the warm water bath.

We also need to sit for a while and get the abdominal pain right side during pregnancy becomes better. When we are sleeping or when we are lying down, try to choose the tilted position with the up feet. It will make it much better.

Abdominal pain sometimes occurs in some people during pregnancy. Some women also often experience abdominal pain during pregnancy second trimester, first trimester and third trimester. You can also consult a doctor to find out what the cause of abdominal pain right side during pregnancy.

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