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Benefits of red onion in socks or feet for health

What are the benefits of onion on the feet? Benefits onion which makes it phenomenal in the medical world is the ability to fight cancer and other dangerous diseases. It also can be used as a very powerful source of antioxidants to fight free radicals in the body. This is benefits of red onion in socks for congestion and cough.

Onion are generally used as a spice in cooking. Onion are often a mandatory seasoning in cooking, because the onion becomes a kind of flavor enhancers for food. In addition, red onions are nutrient-dense food, which means that low calories and high in beneficial nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

red onion on feet, benefit of red onion, onions in socks for cough, red onions in socks for congestion
The benefits of red onions in socks or feet

Consuming onion in cooking course very tasty. But what if that is still raw onion? seems rather to think for a moment to eat, but do not always like it because of the benefits of the onion that will be obtained, simply used to add flavor to the food. Red onions consumed must be clean, hard and skin dry.

Avoid onions that show signs of decay. Onions should be stored at room temperature, away from light and in a well ventilated place. All types of onions should be stored away from potatoes, because they will absorb moisture and cause the potato benefit becomes more easily damaged.

Red onions in socks for cough

According to an expert on herbs, peeled onions contain a variety of natural compounds such as essential oils, cycloalkines, merylaliins, dihydroaliins, flavonglikosida, kursetin, saponins, peptides, phytohormones, vitamins, proteins, fats, calcium, phosphorus and starch substances as contained in galangal.

Red onion contains antiseptic and alliin compounds. The content of flavonoids found on the onion also serves as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and can reduce heat. In addition, many sulfur and quercetin compounds contained in essential oils are beneficial in neutralizing the toxins that enter the body.

The content of sulfur compounds in the onion is also able to get rid of nasal congestion that is able to relieve and melt the phlegm of someone who has the flu and accompanied by a cough. Other compounds contained in onion are also believed to be useful and can increase endurance and increase positive energy in the body.

Influenza treatment using red onion

In addition to red onion on feet, Place the red onion on the corner of the bedroom at night can absorb the bacteria that are around the room, usually sliced red onion will turn black in the morning because the onion surface has absorbed bacteria and viruses.

In addition to being kept in the corner of the bedroom room, you can also try to save onion slices on the work table because the aroma of essential oil contained in the onion will spread throughout the room so as to prevent you and the people closest from influenza virus. That is why sliced onions can prevent you from bacteria and influenza viruses.

The impact of eating red onion

In addition to having a variety of benefits, red onion can also cause health risks. Although not very serious, eating onions can cause various problems for some people like causing gas and bloating in the stomach because it contains carbohydrates. If it does not become a food spice, it’s better to put red onion in socks or feet.

Eating raw onions can worsen the condition of people suffering from chronic gastritis or gastric reflux and may decrease blood function because it contains high amounts of vitamin K. It can also cause allergies to certain people. Characteristics of red onions are good to be consumed must be clean, has a hard texture and dry skin.

The benefits of red onion on feet for health

Alternative health care with red onions is placed on your feet. No longer the secret of the benefits of onion, in addition to being an important spice, also has a very good health benefits. This is one of the treatment methods used in China, using red onions to open the meridians in the body, which aims to help purify the internal organs.

Cut the red onion crosswise and then paste on the soles of your feet. Put onion for at least four hours. So the best time is onion in socks while sleeping at night. Onions could bonded with the help of a bandage or wear socks. Here are some benefits of onions for health. You can paste the onion on your feet while you sleep.

The benefits of red onion on feet for health cleanse the blood. When you sleep, phosphoric acid of onions trans-dermal absorbed through the feet and into the vein. Phosphoric acid is able to purify and absorb toxins in the blood.

The opening of the meridians, can also help kill bacteria, germs and pathogens. In this case, the best actually is garlic. However onion also has properties that are good. The content contained in the onions are placed on the soles of the feet (both onion and garlic), will suck harmful bacteria and also toxins from the body.

In addition to red onion on feet, red onion can serve to purify the air. In China, Japan, and several countries in Europe and the United States, there is a habit of storing bits of onion and put it in a strategic corner. The air is purified from bacteria and viruses, especially those that can cause ailments such as colds and so on.

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