Body language should be avoided during job interviews

Job interviews

Job interviews are useful not only for assessing your skills, but also behavior. Many things must be prepared so that running smoothly. One of them, knowing body language should be avoided. Body language is crucial judgment against you rather than the spoken word. According to the study, gestures and facial expressions have a greater influence.

The opportunity to create a good first impression did not take long. According to the study, 30 seconds to four minutes is the critical time is crucial. Well, that was one step at a job interview, avoid some gestures that could invite a negative interpretation on yourself.

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Body language should be avoided during job interviews

1. Fake smiles; Go into the interview room with confidence and a sincere smile. Smiles were forced to be very noticeable and makes you look like a guy who likes to pretend. Sincere smile suggests that you’re a confident, open, and comfortable with the surroundings. But also avoid the constant smile that could give the wrong signal to the prospective boss.

2. Movements and hand positions; Hand movement plays an important role in expressing your body language. Folded his arms across his chest is the body language that must be avoided. Folded his arms across his chest impress you keep your distance or even seem bored with this conversation. Perhaps these suggestions have often your heard, but indeed it is still a lot of people are nervous to do it.

Clap hands or continued to move their arms indicate you are very nervous. This movement can also indirectly makes the person interviewing you become uncomfortable and disturbed. Also avoid knock on the table when the interview process, indirectly you send a signal that you are bored.

We recommend that you put your hand in a relaxed and open in the best position to make you relaxed. Avoid too much use of the hand or finger movements to avoid the wrong impression.

3. Handshake; When starting and ending the interview do not forget to shake hands and thank the interviewer. Shake hands firmly but reasonable. Do not let the hand grip is too weak or too hard. If your palms sweat, wipe the sweat from your hands first before going into the interview room.

4. Touching the face; Touching the face should be avoided when a job interview. This movement could imply you are nervous or not true to your statement.

5. The position of the foot; Sit with both feet touching the floor that describes you comfortable and confident. When nervous or anxious you are not making gestures unconsciously. One of the most common are his foot movement without stopping. This foot movement indicates that you are very uncomfortable and even eager to get out of the room.

6. Eye contact and posture; Eye contact with the interviewer is good. But constantly staring at the interviewer’s relentless can also make him uncomfortable. Gestures experts say, 60 percent eye contact is enough to make you look enthusiastic. In addition to the eye, gaze focused on the upper face of the triangular area around the eyebrows right-left and mid nose.

Do not be too often looked at the bottom of the face, especially the mouth and forehead that could make the interviewer uncomfortable. If your interviewer is more than one, face to them in turn. Avoid blank stare that makes the other person uncomfortable. Sit in a comfortable position, not too tall and not too lean. Lean slightly toward the interviewer to indicate your focus and enthusiasm.

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