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Body Odor Remedies with Apple Cider Vinegar

How to remove body odor with home remedies? Remove body odor can be done using apple cider vinegar. From various harmless physical conditions that really affect our daily life, body odor is among the worst ones. This is not only a hindrance to keeping positive impression to anyone you face, but can also be an impediment when you are trying to impress opposite sex or even apply for a job where appearance is everything.

Plus, body odor is usually associated with personal hygiene, so having body odor problem can make people think badly about you. Deodorant and perfume are usually common solutions for body odor, but what if your problem is so bad those things can no longer help? You may want to try natural solutions that work right to the source, such as apple cider vinegar.

reduce body odor problem, get rid of body odor, body odor treatment, eliminate body odor

Apple Cider Vinegar: Body Odor Solution

Some people feel deodorant is enough to reduce body odor problem; others may sweat so much that deodorant does not work as well as in people with normal sweat production. Since the odor is caused by bacteria that feed on your accumulated sweat, you must turn your armpits into places where bacteria cannot live in. The way to create this condition is by lowering the ph of your armpit skin. Apple cider vinegar, with its high level of acidity, is a great natural ingredient to do the job.

Applying apple cider vinegar to your armpit skin (after you shave the hair) means you create unfriendly place for bacteria to live. Therefore, although you sweat excessively, you will not have really bad body odor problem. For those who have really bad body odor problem or always sweat excessively, you can use this ingredients as daily treatment by applying it often on the underarm skin.

You can also apply the apple cider vinegar to your armpit skin and let it dry before applying your usual deodorant. Therefore, not only you prevent the perspiration problem, but you also keep bacteria from leaving in your armpits and causing body odor after a while. To apply it, use clean cotton ball and dab the soaked cotton on your armpit skin. Do not forget to wash and dry the armpits before you do this. Other alternatives include tea tree oil and hazel oil that has anti bacteria function.

Other Ways to Prevent Body Odor

If your body odor problem is quite severe, applying apple cider vinegar and deodorant may not be enough. You must apply other methods to make sure the body odor problem is not persistent, such as:

  • Always use breathable clothing items and wash them if they are sweaty.
  • Reduce the consumption of spicy food, onion, fatty food and caffeine, which are the main triggers of food related body odor problems.
  • Learn ways to manage your daily stress; stress and anxiety are mental states that can lead to sweating as the physical reaction that accompanies them.
  • If you suddenly experience body odor and you never experience it before, maybe it is a sign of disease. Go to the doctor for diagnosis.

Get rid of body odor with apple cider vinegar, this natural ways to eliminate body odor. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural solution for body odor, but you must make sure that you also do other means necessary to get rid of the sources of odor.

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