feel awake in the morning, get rid of drowsiness, prevent sleep in the morning

how to get rid of sleep in the morning and be more awake

How to get rid of sleep in the morning and be more awake? Cause someone hard to get up in the morning. Do you include people who have trouble sleeping at night and wake up in the morning. Always hit the snooze button every time the alarm clock went off. If yes, then you are experiencing delayed sleep phase disorder.

Indeed we feel good when sleep in the morning, but when wake up will regret because some work is left behind. Even if you get up fast, but you will still feel sleepy. Can coffee help stay awake in the morning? You might try to use coffee to stay awake in the morning.

feel awake in the morning, get rid of drowsiness, prevent sleep in the morning
How to get rid of sleep in the morning

What about a child who is still in school? How to stay awake in the morning without coffee? Children certainly want to stay awake in the morning to study. Not only keeps you awake, but also to prevent sleep in the morning. Many reasons why people often sleep in the morning, one of the most common causes is due to stay up.

Sleeping in the morning is a bad habit that should be avoided because if you often do this then it is not impossible if later can have a negative impact on the health of your own body. Although many people have known about the negative impact of sleep in the morning but sometimes it is often considered trivial and some of us are still doing this bad habit.

Causes of sleep in the morning

A group of researchers conducted a study. A disorder characterized by an inability to sleep and wake up at the normal time. According to lead researcher, preliminary results show that internal body clocks of people who have the disorder runs slower than average.

People who have this disorder usually do not get to sleep until 2 a.m or 3 a.m in the morning, or in some cases until 4 a.m.. This makes them sleep in the morning or difficult to get up the next day. Researchers have investigated what causes people to sleep late and one of the most plausible explanation is their body clock runs longer than 24 hours.

Most people have a 24-hour body clock. It is a natural rhythm that affects sleep and core body temperature. But in people with delayed sleep phase disorder, it takes longer to complete the cycle. As a result they tend to put off sleep and and sleep in the morning.

The negative impact of sleep in the morning

Make the body weak all day; The first negative impact due to frequent sleep in the morning is to cause the body weak, making us lazy to perform daily activities. For those of you who often do sleep habits in the morning of course may have experienced this, the body weak and lethargic all day so that makes us just want to sleep all day.

Disturbing the metabolic system; The negative impact of sleep in the morning is can cause the body’s metabolic system becomes disrupted and chaotic. If you use too much time to sleep then the system of metabolism in the body will be disturbed. Ideally, the morning is the time for breakfast for your body’s energy is fulfilled so eager in daily activities.

Headache; Sleep in the morning too long can also cause your head to become pain or dizzy. This is because when we sleep there is a fluid called cerebrospina that enter the brain. Well, if our sleep time is longer then of course this fluid continues to flow into your brain and cause headaches. Therefore, sleep early at night so you do not sleep in the morning.

How to get rid of sleep in the morning

Turns off the lights before going to sleep; Everytime before bed, it could not hurt to get used to turn off the lights because very bright lights can disrupt sleep. Not only that, the lights are too bright will make the performance of the eyes harder so it will be more difficult to sleep at night. For a lower light intensity, you can try using a light sleep.

Create a bright bedroom in the morning; You can modify your bright bedroom when morning. Or make more sunlight coming in during the morning. This can make you aware if it is morning. The amount of light during the morning will get rid of sleepiness and prevent sleep in the morning.

Drinking green tea; Green tea is also very useful in get rid of drowsiness early in the morning. This is because green tea provides energy plus high stamina for your body so feel awake in the morning. Take 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves and leave for 5 minutes, then strain and add pure honey as a sweetener before consumption.

Wash the face; To get rid of drowsiness instantly with wash the face is the best simple way. This is prevent sleep in the morning. Sleepiness can be lost thanks to a drastic change in body temperature after being wash the face. Even after washing your face, you are guaranteed to be more fresh as well as focus in study or work.

It takes testing to a larger population in order to confirm these findings. The move is expected to support the therapy that has been believed to be able to help those who experience delayed sleep phase disorder and get rid of sleep in the morning. One is a bright light therapy to stimulate alertness in the morning and push the sleep at night.

Delayed sleep phase disorder are very influential on a person’s life. Furthermore, researchers assessed, it is important to find the cause of delayed sleep phase disorder and sleep in the morning. Because this condition affects so many people. Ranging from students who are late to school until the workers who come to the office late.

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