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Way of scalp peeling treatment on newborn

Way of scalp peeling treatment on newborn? Not only on the scalp, other body parts can also experience the same thing. Skin disorders in newborns such as peeling skin, prickly heat, eczema diapers, and milk can actually be solved if parents diligently maintain healthy skin. One of skin disorders in newborn is scalp peeling.

Diligently changing diapers, choose soft fabrics, as well as keeping the room air to remain cool and comfortable. In another article we have explained how to treatment for skin peeling on newborns. Dry baby skin will peel, we will look for the cause of why the newborn’s skin is dry to find ways to prevent it.

newborn scalp peeling, peeling skin on newborn head, baby dry scalp treatment, cradle cap baby oil
Scalp peeling treatment in newborns

Sweat glands in newborns are not fully developed, so baby’s skin can not adapt to dry, overheated, or too cold air. As a result, the baby’s skin moisture is not well preserved, including the scalp. The air is too cold or too hot with low humidity levels will increase the risk of dry baby’s skin.

Causes of newborn scalp peeling

So what causes of scalp peeling on newborns? Every newborn is usually still a crust on his head. Head crust is usually characterized by scaly thick, greasy, and yellow on the forehead and the top of the baby’s head. Crust head or cradle cap is indeed going to peel by itself, into thin flakes like dandruff if it dries.

Fortunately, cradle cap is only temporary, which will disappear by itself. This skin disorder may take up to a baby aged 8-12 months. But there is also a good idea if the mother cleans the cradle cap, because in addition to disturbing appearance, cradle cap also makes itchy and disturbing of hair growth.

When you perform maintenance cradle cap, be careful. Otherwise, there could be an infection in the baby’s scalp. Do not forcibly to get rid of cradle cap when dry, let alone done with the fingers Mother because it could hurt the baby’s scalp, and pose a risk of infection.

If you see signs of infection, such as red rash, then immediately take the baby to the doctor. Your doctor may suggest you cut the hair on the scalp, and gave him an antibiotic ointment to help in the treatment of newborn’s scalp. And may also give some advice in baby skin care.

When the cradle cap has thickened and hard, do not always wash your hair every time bathe the baby, because it can cause dry scalp which ultimately accelerates inflammation. Do not also impose peeling the cradle cap head because it can cause skin irritation.

Home remedies for cradle cap

Olive oil is believed to be a cradle cap treatment on baby’s scalp. To remove the hard cradle cap, try using olive oil, oil or baby oil to help remove the cradle cap attached. After a massage with oil left for 15 minutes, then comb gently to get rid of cradle cap. For a safer way is to seek advice from a doctor.

Special for baby oil, use a little because it can cause prickly heat when excessive. This is because the baby’s skin is tightly closed so it can not breathe. Also some babies are unsuitable or even allergic to the use of baby oil. Do not leave the oil too long in the baby’s head because it can clog the pores.

Scalp peeling treatment on newborn

Note the type of cradle cap on newborn scalp; It is important to pay attention to the type of cradle cap on your baby’s scalp. If the cradle cap on your baby’s scalp has a hard, thick texture, then avoid washing your baby’s hair too often to avoid a drought that will lead to inflammation.

Do not force to get rid of cradle cap on newborn scalp; If the cradle cap on your baby’s scalp is difficult to get rid, then you should avoid forcing to lift or exfoliate, let alone by using your fingers. Because if done this will hurt your baby’s scalp and trigger irritation.

Do not use powder; Avoid using powder on your baby’s scalp. The reason, talc will make the cradle cap on your baby’s scalp is thicker. Maybe you can find a special shampoo for cradle cap treatment. Some people also believe that a good natural ingredient used for cradle cap treatment is coconut oil.

Room temperature is cool; Try to make the room where the baby is in cool temperatures. As an additional treatment, you can apply baby oil on your newborn scalp. And avoid the use of hats on newborn that can make newborns scalp become damp.

There are also tips on how to care for peeling skin in a newborn. Find home remedies for a cradle cap, Or other treatments that are safe to use scalp peeling treatment on newborn like baby oil and shampoo. Not only that, also the treatment of dry scalp and dandruff in baby.

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