Conditions were not allowed to doing the water birth methods

Conditions were not allowed to doing the water birth methods. Water birth is a method of childbirth without pain. Childbirth method in water is the method in which the mother gave birth in a tub of warm water or lukewarm with temperatures less than 37.5 degrees Celsius. Warm water comfortable, relaxing, and calming expected to boost hormones to control stress. Childbirth in water can stimulate the mother’s body to produce more hormones that block pain like endorphin hormones that can help relieve pain.

Warm water also encourages blood flow to the heart more efficiently and can reduce blood pressure. The baby will not drown because at first would start breathing, the baby immediately lifted out of the water. And the umbilical cord will continue to deliver needed oxygen after the baby is born.

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Just as traditional or normal method of childbirth, childbirth in water should always be done under the supervision of a licensed professional in the field of health care. There are times when that is safe for the mother to get in and out of the water and there are also things that should be considered, which must be understood and will be described fully by medical personnel prior to childbirth in water.

Childbirth method without pain in the water is the childbirth process in a tub or pool water warm. There are many women who prefer to perform labor in the water and out of the water just before the baby is born. At the same time, there are women who choose to remain in the water when the baby was born.

Benefits childbirth method in water

  • Immersion in warm water will lower high blood pressure.
  • Warm water makes the perineum (area between the vulva and anus) becomes more elastic and relaxed. In the water, pregnant women will feel relaxed both mentally and physically. This allows him to concentrate on the birth procedure.
  • With a floating condition, the mother will experience better blood circulation and uterine contractions more efficient. As a result, the mother will experience less pain and the baby get more oxygen.

Bad news is the only method of childbirth in water can not be applied to all pregnant women. Although there is no risk of childbirth method in water, but there are conditions under which the method of childbirth in the water should not be done.

Conditions were not allowed to doing the water birth methods

  • The baby is in the breech position.
  • Multiple births. Usually, doctors recommend a cesarean delivery for twin pregnancy.
  • Premature births.
  • Mother diagnosed infections.
  • Diagnosed with severe bleeding.
  • Mother had toxemia or pre-eclampsia. Pregnancy of toxicity such as increased blood pressure and protein in the urine is excessive.
  • Mothers who suffer from epilepsy or are overweight.
  • If meconium (first stool of the newborn) was found floating in the tub so the water becomes dirty and the birth will happen then she can lift her hips out of the water to have her baby.

Method of painless childbirth in water (water birth) is an effective method of childbirth but it is important to ask the advice of a doctor if the water birth method is appropriate or not. Method of water delivery in reference to giving birth in warm water and in water during labor, the baby will get more oxygen than other childbirth methods. Method of childbirth in water can be done at home. If you choose to do it at home, so pregnant women can buy or rent the pool for childbirth.

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