How to cope with and skin care on dull and dry skin

Skin care

Very important to maintain healthy skin. On this occasion will review how to cope with and skin care on dull and dry skin. So you looked fresher and prettier. Maybe some of you, who have no problem in appearance, especially skin dull and dry easily.

Have dull and dry skin it can interfere with a person’s appearance, not only interfere with performance, but most people will feel embarrassed to hang out with other friends, especially in women.

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Actually what causes dry skin and dull skin it. Dry skin can occur due to lack of oil content in the skin (sebum oil) so this resulted in rapid skin dry and dull. Sebum oil is a natural glands oil produced from the skin of our body, this oil works to help provide moisture to the skin.

If you have less sebum oil glands in the skin, so the skin will appear dry and dull. Soon overcome in the following manner.

How to overcome dull and dry skin:

  • Try to multiply the consumption of water. Benefits of water was no doubt, other than beneficial for maintaining healthy organs, water is also one of the most important liquid to make skin look more fresh and avoid dry skin and dull. It is based on the useful water to prevent skin from dehydration, therefore you try to consume at least 2.5 liters of water or 8 glasses of water each day.
  • Control your mind to avoid stress. Usually people are easily stressed, will look pale and dull, therefore try to relax your mind, in order to avoid severe stress. In the minds of too many expenses (stress) makes the blood flow is not smooth. It’s then used to make the skin tense and then will eventually dry and dull.
  • Exercise regularly. One of the causes of dry skin and dull besides those already mentioned above is a buildup of dead skin cells due to the lack of oil and sweat glands to push out the dead skin cells. Therefore with regular exercise then you will get a sweat and that will help remove / shed dead skin cells attached to the skin.
  • Keep your diet. Nutrients contained in food are also greatly affect your skin dry and dull. You must not choose foods with emphasis on quantity not quality, it is recommended for those who want their skin fresh and toned to consume vegetables and fruits on a regular basis, so that the intake of nutrients needed by the skin can be fulfilled.
  • Use moisturizing lotion. In wearing skin lotion, try to select a lotion that has been registered and certified free of chemicals and other hazardous materials. So that lotion you use will not harm your skin. How to use the most appropriate lotion are when you are done bathing.

Therefore it could not hurt to take a moment to read this article and hopefully can cope and provide a solution for those of you who have  dull and dry skin, and the most important may be useful. That’s a little review on how to overcome dull and dry skin, hopefully can solve your dry skin problems.

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