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How to stop body odor without deodorant

Things to do on how to stop body odor without deodorant

Body odor is the unwanted problem. Unfortunately, this problem usually notices by your friends and family members at first. You may never realize that you have body odor. To confirm about this problem, asking them directly will be a better point. Of course, taking the doctor will be much better way to get the help complete help for the body odor.

From the TV commercial, deodorant has become the ultimate option to control the body odor. But if you want to stay away from this product, learning on how to stop body odor without deodorant will be worthwhile. Taking daily shower will be the basic thing that you can do to reduce the body odor.

reduce the body odor, stop body odor, bad body odor, body odor causes

There will be more than enough soap and shower gel that will keep your body clean with extra good smell as the bonus. Changing your clothes in daily basis will help you to reduce any accumulated body odor. You need to wash underwear after each use.

Alternatively, you need to keep the dress in a place with enough air circulation. This will prevent the dress to develop its own bad odor. It will be troublesome to wear something with bad odor and mistakenly take it as your personal body odor problem.

Your diet will also influence your body odor. If you hate fruit and vegetable, it will be the time to challenge yourself for more fruit and vegetable. Drinking more fresh water will be another way to have better sweating odor.

This is possible because having enough water will help your body to deliver any dangerous and unwanted substance through sweat at better rate. Lacking of water will only cause accumulated substance that will cause the potential odor.  It is also important to avoid odor causing diet such as cheese, onion, garlic, strong spices and even the beer.

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