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How to treat brittle hair appropriately

The brittle hair can be sometimes really frustrating. When we go styling the hair, it can be damaged and even cause hair breakage. Of course, it will make our hair look worse and perhaps it is hard for us getting the good looking yet healthy hair. Still, the right yet effective treatment of the hair will be a good way to get a better condition of the hair. Surely, we need to know the right idea on getting the right treatment for the brittle hair. We can do the right treatment and then the hair will go better and better without being frustrated.

For brittle hair, we have to be much more careful on getting the right treatment. The first is we can go to wash the hair not really often. Then, choose the hair care product with the mild extracts. It will decrease the risk on damaging the hair. Do not forget to always apply the hair conditioner. It can be applied from the middle of the hair until its tip.

resolving brittle hair, Dealing with Brittle Hair, Moisturize the brittle hair, brittle hair care, brittle hair treatment

Hair spa and cream bath can be done once until twice in a month, but do not use steamer. It is better to use the warm towel to replace it. So that it would not damage the hair and make it much more brittle. Moisturize the brittle hair and make it strong will be a good way, such like using ginseng, avocado, and many more.

Brittle hair is not something hard to deal with as long as we know how to treat it. One of the good habits too which can be done is for not to tie the hair really tight. Just tie the hair in a loose way. Then, do not forget to always get the healthy diet every day. If we have the brittle hair, consume much more foods which consist of much vitamin B. We can consume brown rice which can also be blended with the white rice. It will be good to make our hair stronger.

How to brittle hair care

Brittle hair is hated by everyone, especially for women. Hair is the crown for women, so that women crave long hair so healthy and shiny naturally. However, brittle hair is minimize the possibility of women having longer hair because it is easily broken and needs to be cut. Brittle hair is caused by hair that is not maintained, the use of electrical appliances such as hair dryers, curling iron, and coloring. Brittle hair can cause new problems like hair loss, reduced pigment hair, split ends, and hair graying.

If you are having problems brittle hair then you need proper care. Not all problems can be overcome brittle hair with shampoo. Expensive shampoos are also not always match your hair, so be careful in choosing a product. You still need shampoo to wash because you cannot make it alone. Pick -free shampoos harmful ingredients.

Use additional hair care products such as conditioner after wash. Give a little massage on the scalp to get blood flowing to the area. Do cream bath 2 weeks with natural products for hair brittle. Give serum to strengthen the hair roots at the same nutrients for the hair.

Natural hair care does not have to go to the hair salon. You can do at home with ease using vegetables and fruits. Celery is believed to provide moisture to the hair and scalp. Brittle hair due to reduced pigment in the hair and the hair moisture decreases. Celery puree and take the water as a hair mask. Use a pre- wash, your hair feel soft and fresher scalp.

Avocado is very rich in nutrients that nourish the skin and hair. You can use as a hair mask for strengthening hair. Brittle hair may be caused by hair follicles that are not strong, limit the length of the hair so as not to overload the hair roots.

Everyone expects to have thick, shine and strong hair but some unlucky people must experience of having brittle hair. Hair with brittle characteristic can be caused by some factors and for some cases can be a sign of serious health problem.

When you feel your hair is less elastic it means that your hair does not get enough moisture, becomes dry and it is in the process of brittle. With time, your hair will lose the shine and smoothness which causes the split ends. It can impact toward someone’s look because hair with brittle condition will make someone pale and unhealthy.

The Causes of Brittle Hair

Brittle and dry hair is caused by several things but mostly the self-care is the most important factor. Nutrition is not only needed by body to metabolism process but also can influence the entire look of someone because lack of nutrition will cause the hair become brittle because the substances which stimulate the hair health can be enough gained.

Self-ignorant toward hair care after using chemical or hair styling and bad habit of self-hygiene also influence the hair condition. Some healthy issues such as illness, the effect of medical treatment and the decrease condition because of disease will affect the hair condition.

Dealing with Brittle Hair

Technology can help you in resolving the hair with brittle condition but you should know that this problem someday can come again if you don’t change or stop the bad habit. Controlling brittle in hair can be done by keep the hair getting enough moisture. Using avocado oil or eggs if you consider natural ingredient will be useful.

Improving the hair strength by using gelatine and avoid of using chemical product in long term. If your hair being colored you should concern toward the hair. Changing or stopping the bad habits which influence your healthy will avoid you from brittle in the hair.

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