How to treat diarrhea naturally

Treat diarrhea

How to treat diarrhea naturally.  Diarrhea is a disease which is prevalent in almost every person. The most annoying thing is having diarrhea while there is a business or a job, you would be very disturbed by it.

The cause of diarrhea can occur due to various reasons, such as bacteria and viruses that interfere with digestion, digestive system injuries, allergies, eating spicy or sour foods, and diarrhea can be caused by an excess of vitamin C.

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Symptoms of diarrhea usually mushy and watery stools, usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It happens because the digestive system is experiencing problems and not function normally.

Tips to treat diarrhea by using natural materials

  • Using guava leaves; This is the most powerful recipe and is very well known since the days of our ancestors, and even some diarrhea medication products that use guava leaves. For you, chewable 3 guava leaf, chew it then swallow the water. Chew up the leaves into pulp. We recommend the consumption of guava leaves 2 times daily until the diarrhea is completely healed.
  • Red guava; In addition to the leaves, guava fruit is also efficacious to overcome diarrhea. Flavors of guava was also not make you experience nausea. The trick is to make the red guava juice, 2 guava, then take the contents of the fruit and remove the seeds, then make juice with the pulp guava.
  • Many drinking water; When experiencing diarrhea, the average sufferer will also experience dehydration or lack of fluids so that the body will feel very weak. Well, to replace fluids wasted so make sure to drink lots of water, preferably warm drinking water for comfort in the digestive tract.
  • Avoid solid foods; When you’re experiencing diarrhea, avoid eating solid foods for help the digestive system work more efficiently. To replace the solid foods, eat soft food like porridge.

So how to treat diarrhea, may be useful for you.

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