How to whiten teeth with banana peel quickly at home

How to whiten teeth with banana peel at homeCan banana skin whiten teeth? How the results teeth whitening using banana peels before and after? We all probably already know the health benefits of eating a banana. But how to dental health? You can use banana peel to take care of your teeth.

This tip is very simple to do teeth whitening with banana peel. Banana peel is often discarded if the time to eat a banana. Because it only needed when you want to whiten teeth. Banana skin turns out is one way to whiten teeth naturally you can do at home.

We often hear and see about some tips on dental health, in particular to eliminate the yellow color of the teeth, either surgically or naturally. Starting from using lemon, charcoal, brick, ash, until the banana skin did not want to miss. But, we do not know the truth for sure, before we try it one by one.

Natural ingredients to whiten teeth

Banana peel; As is known, bananas have many benefits for the body. However, have you ever known that banana peels are useful for your teeth? Banana peels can be a quick way to whiten teeth naturally. Rub the banana peel to your teeth for 2 minutes and the various minerals in it will nourish your teeth.

Strawberry; The content of malic acid in strawberries can help whiten teeth. All you need to do is crush the strawberries and add half a teaspoon of baking soda. Apply it gently to the tooth using your toothbrush or finger. Let stand for about 10 minutes and rinse.

Lemon with salt; Natural acid is present in lemons or oranges. In a teaspoon lemon juice or orange juice add baking soda to form a paste. Using this paste is useful for whitening teeth.

Coconut oil; Coconut oil turns out to act as a useful mouthwash to whiten teeth. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil, rub it into your teeth, and let stand for about an hour. Rinse your mouth and brush as usual.

How to whiten teeth with banana at home

  1. Rub a banana peel on the teeth
  2. Do this for 5 minutes
  3. Let stand about 2 minutes
  4. Clean with a soft tissue
  5. Finish off with a toothbrush using ordinary toothpaste.

Experts believe that the nutrients contained in the banana peel can remove impurities and various causes of teeth yellow. Not only that, the nutrients contained in the banana peel is also believed to make teeth stronger, healthier and avoid the risks of dental health problems.

How to whiten teeth naturally instead of just using the banana peel. Previously we explain how to whiten teeth using hydrogen peroxide. Other natural ingredients that you can use is baking soda, lemon, miswak, strawberries, coconut oil, orange peel, apple cider vinegar, apple, wood charcoal, and many more.

Not only whiten teeth naturally, banana peel can also brighten the skin and even cleaning leather shoes. Wait for our next article which discusses more tips using natural materials to make life-saving without buying cosmetics with high prices.

Talk about the truth of banana skin, as reported by Glamor, Dr. Darren Riopelle (a dentist in Denver, Colorado) tries to whiten teeth using a banana peel. After two weeks running the teeth whitening method with banana skin on his teeth. What happened?

Apparently, his tooth color looked the same as when he started applying these tips. So, does my friend still want to run this method? It’s up to my friend. This is just one opinion from the dentist, it may be from different ways of applying it. Because many also recognize if the banana skin can whiten teeth naturally.

In order for this treatment the maximum, diligent brushing your teeth every day. How to whiten teeth with a banana peel is not overnight. Do this treatment at least 3 times a week for 3 to 4 months. Good luck and hopefully these tips helpful.

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