Recognize the symptoms and causes of postpartum depression

Symptoms and causes of postpartum depression. Know the symptoms and causes of postpartum depression are important for expectant mothers and fathers. Postpartum depression is a condition in which a mother feel mild psychological distress syndrome after childbirth the baby. This will certainly disrupt the life of the mother itself and the conditions are different to other women.

In general, postpartum depression will occur in the first week after childbirth and will last for a while / long depending on the condition of the mother’s hormones. Sometimes only two weeks and sometimes for months. For some people that are around women who are suffering from depression, mood may feel less fun, since there will be a demanding behaviors of people around to understand and be patient.

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Symptoms of postpartum depression

Some of the symptoms of postpartum depression generally include the presence of excessive anxiety without cause, (suddenly) crying for no reason, lack of confidence, impatience, feeling of being very, very sensitive, irritable and unstable. In this condition, the mother is also often blame themselves and have trouble sleeping. Also tends to decrease appetite and even feel reluctant to care for the newly born baby. You can certainly imagine how tormented mother who suffered from the syndrome, and of course the people closest around him.

If these symptoms have appeared, the other problems will soon follow. Excessive anxiety usually makes his mother cry and fear, one example of fear can not breast feed. When your baby fussy and did not want to sleep, the mother will feel increasingly frustrated and will be more sensitive due to excessive fatigue. In such circumstances, the mother will be more susceptible to headaches.

The husband must be sensitive to this situation. The wife sometimes resent husband, and even often become super sensitive. In the most severe levels of anxiety, the mother can feel very frightened if the baby died. In addition to fear of losing the baby, he is also very afraid of losing her husband. Frustrations can also worsen when she heard the child crying. Especially if there is a problem with parents, stress will increase. Several cases of postpartum depression suggests that some women who experience depression will tend to want to be with her mother.

Causes of postpartum depression

Why the sad condition could this happen? There are many factors that play a role in this, factors including hormonal changes, stress, excessive fatigue after childbirth, excessive pain due to surgery, a husband whose is less responsive to wife conditions, to other issues relating to parents and in-laws. The absence of other people who helped take care of the baby can also cause depression, as well as the ennui of whack. Not all women will experience the same thing after childbirth. By knowing the symptoms and causes of postpartum depression, you are expected to be able to grasp and understand the conditions that occur in wife after childbirth.

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