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Solution treat oily hair and scalp flaking

Solutions to treat oily hair and scalp flaking can be done by means of home remedies. Oily hair is certainly a challenge because treatment is much more complicated than other hair types. Greasy hair refers to the condition where the scalp producing excess amounts of oil. This oil then makes the hair look flat and uninteresting.

In addition to making the hair look dull, excess oil also makes dirt and microbes easily attaches to the hair. If left unchecked, then the microbes will make your hair brittle and dandruff. Oily hair is annoying, because inevitably you have to wash it every day. If not, the hair will look limp and dirty, but it can be overcome. Although oily scalp can not be cured permanently, but you can try some of these tips to control excess oil.

oily hair solutions, oily hair home remedies, treat oily hair naturally, causes of oily hair

The Right Treatment for Oily Hair

All people have their own condition of the hair. It can be the dry hair, oily hair, normal hair, and even the brittle hair. Each of those hair types has its own character. That is including the problem which is faced. The problem needs to be well solved based on the type of the hair. One of the people who often get depressed because of their hair condition is the people with oily hair.

People with oily dry often get frustrated because it might make their hair easily get dirty. The hair with oily condition often looks limp and dull. It will also be hard to be styled up. So, people with this type of hair often get depressed on managing and styling the hair to look good.

There are actually some tips which we can do in order to make the oily hair becomes much better. The first is choosing the hair care product, especially for shampoo, with the mild ingredients. Thus, we can wash the hair everyday without worried on the damaged hair.

The next tip is applying lemon juice to the entire hair before hair washing. We will need the fresh lemon which has been squeezed and get the juice. Apply it to the head skin and message it thoroughly. Let it be there for about fifteen minutes and wash it.

Do those ways above regularly and get the great result. Do not forget to still apply the hair conditioner after hair washing by applying it only on the hair tips so that, they would not be brittle and damaged even though we wash the hair every day. For the products of the hair treatment, choose the right type one based on our hair type, which is the oily hair. It will be completely helpful to make the hair much more beautiful and healthier.

Solution to treat oily hair

– Use a mild shampoo that is specially formulated for oily hair. In addition you can also choose a shampoo that is labeled ‘clarifying’. Clarifying shampoo is a shampoo for colored hair. Its function is to reinforce the color and eliminate harmful chemicals left behind when painting hair. Not only capable of removing harmful chemicals, clarifying shampoo can make your hair free oil.

– So that excess oil on the hair and scalp can be raised perfectly, hair rinse twice and do not immediately rinse shampoo. Give a light massage into scalp and wait for about 30 seconds before rinsing. This method gives more foam and can lift the excess oil. Then rinse, shampooing back and repeat the earlier stages. Rinsing the hair twice can make the scalp and hair really clean.

– If your oily hair condition is too severe, you can wash your hair every day. But focus on the hair not wash the scalp, as if focused on the scalp, can make the scalp becomes dry. When dry scalp will itch, so you become a frequent scratching and cause the scalp to produce excess oil.

The hair problem is not just greasy hair. Hair problems can be dry hair, damaged hair, dull hair, hair loss etc.. It is a way of controlling excess oil on the hair and scalp, oily hair solutions.

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