Stress can increase the risk of obesity in girls

Stress can increase the risk of obesity in girls. Often adults feel exasperated when he saw the children who are obese and adorable, and considers children’s certainly plenty to eat. Yet according to the study, most obesity is caused by stress on the child’s brain and affect its ability to regulate appetite. The most dominant is the relationship that is often found children whose mothers were less harmonious in childhood.

Obesity should be taken seriously because of the child’s future is still long. Please check your child’s weight, whether in accordance with the age and height, prior to the adverse effects of obesity began to emerge. Consider your child’s lifestyle, because the pattern of unhealthy eating is one of the triggers of obesity in addition to a sense of stress and lack of physical activity.

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Avoid junk food even if it is your child’s favorite foods, and food as well as sweets, including cookies, to drinks that contain soda. Frequently ask your child to activities and do not let busy with television or video games all the time.

Types of stress that can increase the risk of obesity in girls

Stress caused by pressured by taunts may increase the risk of obesity in girls

In addition to the psychological side of children who are bored, hormonal factors, genetic, and stress can increase the risk of obesity in girls. Currently, many cases of obesity that appears in the age of the children and invite concern for a considerable risk to the health of the child. These children are in her future risk of complications among type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorders that can lead to heart disease, fatty deposits in the abdomen, high blood pressure, until high cholesterol.

In addition, childhood obesity also triggers the accumulation of plaque in the arteries that usually lead to stroke. Respiratory disorders, gallstones, infertility, to balance hormones may also occur. Often this is a result in the child experiencing menstruation and puberty early, and even depression and loss of confidence due to often teased by friends or other people around them.

Take care of children properly so that obesity not continues into adulthood. Add fiber-rich vegetables and fruits are more on the food, and reduce snacks and other foods taste sweet. Find activities that interest your child and be able to train for the physical move. You can take your time to accompany cycling, swimming, or just playing ball in your yard. Do this for the health and future your child.

Stress caused by unhealthy can increase the risk of obesity in girls

You should be grateful if your child is not obesity, but if you want to keep him away from the risks that can strike at any time, creating a close emotional relationship with your daughter, but to do some of the following suggestions. When a child has to feel full, do not force him to spend on food. Better to take food in small portions from the beginning, so no one will be left. When children are able to spend their food, you do not need to be rewarded with candy or other sweets.

Give children the opportunity enjoy a television show, but limit his time. Remember that health is not identical with the body contains fat. Provided with good nutrition does not always have to fatten your child. Provide your child with own homemade healthy food to avoid eating snacks at school. Consider some important things was to help children be healthier and avoid the fact that stress can increase the risk of obesity in girls.

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