Benefits of banana skin to health and beauty

Benefits of bananas has been described in a brief and concise about general information, nutritional, and functional properties of banana fruit for health and beauty. But not quite up there, it turns out the benefits of banana peel to health and beauty is also very good. So if you include people who like this fruit, do not rush to throw away the skin. You should know the efficacy of banana peel information.

Efficacy of banana peel for health and beauty

– Banana peel can be used to relieve itching due to mosquito bites.
– Can also be used to treat acne problems.
– Psoriasis is a common skin disease suffered by humans, and it turns out banana peel is one of the powerful natural remedy to overcome.
– Banana peel is also effective to reduce wrinkles on the skin. Mashed banana peel until smooth, then put on the skin wrinkles
– Vegetable oils contained in the banana peel is also effective for relieving sore. Attach the banana peel on the skin that burns or scratches.
– Banana peel is also effective for removing small warts. It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

efficacy of banana peel for beauty

Benefits of banana peel to purify water of heavy metals

Heavy metals (such as lead and copper) are elements that are very harmful to the human body. If absorbed by the body, lead can inhibit the synthesis of red blood cells which results in impaired nerve function and other organs. In children, lead can inhibit the growth of brain cells. This will make them have a low intelligence when adult.

As for copper, if too much accumulates in the body, this will lead to cirrhosis (hardening of the liver) and kidney damage. And not only that, the heavy metal copper can also accumulate in the optic nerve tissue, this will make you experience serious vision problems.

Actually, water purification devices from the existing heavy metal, but the price is not exactly cheap. And based on research, it turns out a banana peel is very effective to be used as a means of purifying water besides coconut husks and peanut shells.

The trick is also very easy. Enough banana peels cut into small pieces, and put them in water. It only takes a few moments before the heavy metal content in the water is absorbed in a piece of banana skin. And another, pieces of banana peel can be used up to 10 times without losing its ability to absorb heavy metals.

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