How to care for dry skin on face

Dry facial skin

Facial skin is the most sensitive tissue in the other tissue in the human body. Skin that becomes most visible organ of the body is composed of 3 layers of the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Here’s tips on how to cope with dry skin on the face. Caring for dry skin is sometimes difficult to overcome. Especially when the weather is unstable can cause the face to become dry and pale.

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Dry facial skin a very thing interfere with our appearance can even be less confident. If you are experiencing things like this should, avoid the use of foundation and compact powder that can make your skin dry.

How to cope with dry facial skin

Use special facial soap. Soap to use to clean your face, maybe this is one of the mistakes made by many people. Different facial skin with the skin on other parts of the body, therefore it takes a different kind of soap. Soap is used for the body usually have high levels of acidity that is not suitable for the face so that the skin will become dry and irritated.

Do not over wash your face with water. Wash your face with water it will make the face be clean and moist for a while. But the effect, wash your face too often it will actually make your face’s natural moisture is reduced. The solution, always use a skin moisturizer that suits the face to the skin moisture is maintained.

Use an avocado mask. Avocados are one fruit that is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E itself is one of the nutrients that are useful for maintaining the health of our skin. How to treat dry skin with avocado itself is with crush avocado until smooth, then apply evenly to the entire face. After settling for 15 minutes, immediately rinse your face with cold water until clean. Besides can be used as a mask, eating avocados regularly will also be able to keep our skin firmness.

Consumption of water. Dehydration due to lack of water is one of the main causes of dry skin. So to overcome it, make it a habit to drink at least two liters of water per day in order intake of body fluids are met. Get used to always drink a glass of water before going to bed to avoid dehydration during rest. Although you have a lot to drink, but try to always avoid drinks that contain too much caffeine, or preservatives because it would be bad for the health of your skin and body.

Always use a moisturizer. Especially for those of you who can not avoid the sun and the air-conditioned room, skin moisturizers are mandatory that you should always wear. But sometimes not all types of skin moisturizer according to your face. Maybe some kind of moisturizer will only lead to adverse effects such as heat, itching, burning, and even exfoliation. To obtain a suitable moisturizer, inevitably you have to test all types of products until you find a suitable moisturizer for your skin.

Now that’s how to cope with dry skin on the face. There are several ways treating dry facial skin. You also can do facial treatments with natural ingredients, facial treatments using home remedy, avoiding habits that can make dry facial skin, and prevent the causes of dry facial skin. Good luck and hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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