newborn peeling skin

How to care for dry skin peeling in newborns

What a cause and how to care for dry skin peeling in newborns. Dry and peeling newborn skin problem actually is a natural thing that is not uncommon in babies. Newborn babies can have this problem. Understandably, 9 months before the baby’s skin is submerged in amniotic fluid.

So when it was born, the baby’s sensitive skin still have to adapt to circumstances outside world. That’s why the baby’s outer skin will peel when exposed to dry air. But not only that which could be the cause of dry baby skin problems.

newborn peeling skin

Other causes of dry skin and peeling of the newborn is the use of soap. Use too much soap can make your skin dry, or even exacerbate the problem of dry skin. This is due to the nature of soap that lift the skin’s natural oils, so that the baby’s skin is more difficult to maintain moisture.

In addition, dry skin and peeling in newborns also caused the air. The air is too cold or too hot with low humidity levels will increase the risk of the baby’s skin dry. By knowing some reason then you can do the prevention and treatment of dry and skin peeling in newborn. One important care is the care of the baby’s skin. Although at the same named skin, baby skin care is not the same as adults. Baby skin is very soft require extra care and special.

Mother had to be quiet in all conditions that occur on your new baby. Thus you can search for the best way to care dry and skin peeling for newborn without being excessive worry. Basically, dry baby skin problems can be solved easily. But if dry skin is getting spread and increased itching, Mother should consult with a pediatrician to ask for a recommendation of the most appropriate way to handle it.

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