clean a mattress with baking soda, How to clean a mattress

How to clean a mattress with baking soda

How to clean a mattress with baking soda? How often do you clean a mattress? Mattress is into a comfortable place to rest. Everyone loves this place. One of the most common mistakes is when you change the sheets and see that you have a clean bed. So, it is the wrong way. Changing the sheets will only make a comfortable part on the mattress. But you cannot remove stains from mattress that have accumulated in the mattress.

Clean all the stains on the mattress become a very important part, because of all the stains will invite germs and bacteria. It would be a serious health problem if left too long. Baking soda is one of the most readily available materials to clean the mattress. So, how to clean a mattress with baking soda? Here are some easy steps that you can follow.

clean a mattress with baking soda, How to clean a mattress

  1. Clean the area of the mattress of all goods. You have to get rid of bed sheets, blankets and all the objects on top of the mattress. Then use a vacuum to suck up dust and some dirt that is not visible. Observe all parts of the mattress stains. You can know with light stains, heavy stains and stubborn stains.
  2. Once you know all the stains and level how to clean it, and then take baking soda. Make sure you use baking soda is filtered so as not to create a new dirt on the mattress. Sprinkle baking soda all to the surface of the mattress until blended. After that let the baking soda works his way around an hour.
  3. Once you waiting for them clean the mattress of baking soda. Cover the mattress with new bedding. Do not worry about the baking soda is still left in the mattress. Upon arriving turn to change the sheets then you will see some of the dirt that was lifted by baking soda. Baking soda pick up all the dirt and you can clean up the rest of baking soda with a vacuum. Add some fragrance to the mattress so there is no smell of baking soda.

It is easy way, right? You can even do it while changing the bed sheets. Although this is an easy way, but a lot of people who do not want to do it. Mattresses become a very important place for a break. A wide variety of bacteria can cause health problems and it is usually not aware of. So, from now on because you already know how to clean a mattress with baking soda, then you can do it with regular. If you find that hard to remove stubborn stains then use the professional services of the mattress so it does not make matters worse.

Blood stains and spills milk should also be cleaned quickly so it does not become stubborn stains. When cleaning the mattress should also establish a comfortable space so that part does not spread to the dirty mattress clean. Also make sure you have done the test so they can know that baking soda is safe for your mattress.

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