How to improve concentration with chewing gum

How to improve concentration

Chewing gum can increase concentration. What do you usually use to improve concentration? Generally people consume coffee or herbal supplements to help improve concentration. But now there is a new way that is quite unique, and relatively easy. The trick is by chewing gum.

Experts study showed that chewing gum can be used as an alternative to improve concentration, especially when working on a task that is constant, and for a long time. Previous studies have shown that chewing gum in the cognitive benefits. In this study, focusing on tasks involving auditory short-term memory.

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The researchers divided 38 participants into two groups. The first group is allowed to chew gum and the other group did not. For half an hour, read aloud the numbers 1 through 9. The participants were asked to note if there is a combination of numbers, such as 5-8-1.

The participants who did not chewing gum can start the test better than those who do not. Interestingly, the researchers found that subsequent participants who chewed gum to end the test with a more accurate answer, and faster response. Participants who did not chewing gum even better early in the test, but at the end of the test it was defeated by the participants who chewed gum.

This shows that chewing gum can help to focus on the task that lasts for a long time.

How to improve concentration

You will find it much easier to concentrate and improve your memory in a relaxed state of mind. Try taking a deep breath, listen to relaxing music and forget all your duties and your worries. Only in a relaxed state of mind we can really start working on improving concentration and memory.

To improve concentration and memory you have to challenge yourself. Challenging yourself should also be fun. One of the keys to improve the ability of brain is fun activity. Science is now proving that laughter and fun activities to enhance your learning ability. One of the best ways that can be done is to watch comedy movies. Then after the movie finished trying to remember the funniest moments and share these moments with your friends. Very fun, easy and a great way to improve your memory and ability to concentrate.

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