How to prevent fever after immunization in infants

How to prevent fever after immunization in infants. Prevent fever after immunization in infants not to do, because a fever in infants after immunization is normal and reasonable. Fever is a reaction arising from the workings of the vaccine in the baby’s body, so that mothers do not have to worry too much. If a fever over 38 degrees Celsius, the doctor will give you fever medicine. However, if below it, rest and hugs mother will reduce fussy in infants.

Children who have a fever after immunization vaccines entry marked that has worked well. No need to prevent this fever, because this is the natural reaction. Let your child rest and if fussy, you can cuddle and always be on his side so that he feels comfortable. To worry is when children are not given the simultaneous immunization that can cause disease into the body. Without immunization, infant’s immune system will not recognize the alien virus, so it can be easy to attack without resistance, therefore the parents should be aware of the importance of immunization in infants.

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Many mothers are worried about the state of children who are ill. If a child is sick and they coincided with immunization, mothers may feel confused whether immunization remain to be done or postponed. If the pain suffered just a colds or cough, immunization should not be delayed. However, if the child is a high fever, immunization should be postponed until the fever down.

High fever would be very dangerous if immunized, some cases of fever in children immunized is the occurrence of cerebral palsy or brain defects. This disease is very dangerous because it can cause nerve paralysis in infants. The brain is not working optimally also lead to stunted growth and unable to use the limb perfectly.

You never have to worry about immunization of healthy children or find out how to prevent fever after immunization in infants. Fever in infants after immunization was a natural thing, so that mothers do not have to worry too much. If you feel doubt to do the immunization in children, mothers should consult it to the doctor, the doctor will examine the child and the doctor will decide whether it is safe for children to immunization or not.

The benefits of immunization in infants

Babies do not have a perfect immune system. Many viruses and bacteria are not recognized by the body, so if it enters the body, the body can not recognize the virus and can attack with ease. Immunization is the process of granting immunity or immunity to the baby, so it can recognize some dangerous diseases.

Immunizations are very important for children, because it is better immunization is given gradually and continuously to the baby. Babies who are already developing the disease before the immunization would be very dangerous. Immunization can be done at the nearest health center or hospital. Mom can prepare so that does the baby’s condition not illness prior to immunization done.

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