Remove Pimple Scars, Pimple Scars on Nose, get rid of pimple scars

Home remedies to remove acne scars on nose

Home remedies to remove acne scars on nose. Acne are something most people eventually get, although the severity may be different. However, once you get acne on the nose, it is usually very prominent even if it is just one small red spot. Home remedies to remove acne scars on nose with lime.

Have you ever experienced acne on the nose? Acne can appear in any part of the skin, and will certainly interfere with the appearance, especially because of acne scars. The nose is one of the most common facial parts of acne besides the cheeks. Acne scars that appear on the nose is certainly very disturbing, let alone cystic acne scars. Obviously this gives a psychological effect due to acne where the decrease of confidence.

Remove Pimple Scars, Pimple Scars on Nose, get rid of pimple scars
Home remedies to remove acne scars on nose

The cause of acne scars on nose

Normally, the more severe the acne is, the more prominent the scar when it heals. People that have oily skin (read how to care oily skin), who do not have good personal hygiene or have allergies to skin products tend to get acne more frequently, and with prominent scars afterward.

The scar can be just small red spot, but it can also be dark spots that are annoying and really alter your overall appearance. Many people who have this problem often must hide their scars with thick foundation and face powder.

However, sometimes the problem is from the gene. There are actually people who have more tendencies to develop acne based on the genetics, and this usually happens if there is such family history.

This is why some people seem to be so much easier on getting acne and deep acne scars (remove acne scars naturally) than others. However, besides the genetic problem, common causes of acne and acne scar are oily skin and allergy to some skin products that you do not know before.

Remove acne scars on nose using lime

One fruit that contains antiseptic and antibacterial compounds is lime. The benefits of lime for acne is able to prevent the occurrence of inflammation, irritation, and inflammation that helps the recovery of acne scars. Former acne on the nose you can remove by using lime.

Apply the inside of the lime to acne scars on nose. You can while massaging medically to extract the lime into the skin. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse face with warm water. Do this routinely until the acne scars on your nose are removed.

How to remove acne and acne scars

To keep yourself from getting that annoying small red spot on the nose, make sure you do early treatment. If you have oily face or have activities that often make you sweat and get dirty, make sure to be discipline when washing and cleaning the face. Do not go to bed in full makeup or with dirty face, since it is one of the most common causes of acne.

Now, if you already got acne and want to get rid of that scars, here are some tips:

  • Apply whitening scrubs and mask as daily treatment on your face. Products that contain rice, lemon, vitamin B3, vitamin C and/or milk usually contain natural whitening agent that can help reducing the appearance of scar.
  • If the problem is quite severe, consider discussing with your doctor to get dermabrasion treatment, in which your skin will be cleaned with a type of rotating brush.
  • For really severe case that leaves very prominent scar, doctor sometimes suggest surgery, in which the scar will be injected with fat so the scar can be filled and look less prominent.

Basically, this treatments to remove acne scars on nose are very common and you can try them out depend on the severity of your acne scars. However, you still have to do basic treatments to make sure that the acne do not come often and causing that annoying small red spot.

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