Stop Armpit Hair from Growing, Removing Armpit Hair Permanently

How to Stop Armpit Hair from Growing Permanently

How to Stop Armpit Hair from Growing Permanently? Hairy armpits are not just unpleasant to look at; they are among the main causes of body odor, because they trap sweats and bacteria under your arms. Sweaty underarms caused by bushy armpit hair also can cause embarrassing sweaty patch under your clothing and create stain.

However, armpit hair is something you cannot stop, unless you know the way to remove it permanently, which usually does not involve regular shaving. Permanent methods come in various options in treatments and costs.

Stop Armpit Hair from Growing, Removing Armpit Hair Permanently

Many people just choose shaving because it is easier and convenient, especially if you do it after bathing, when the follicles under your armpit are still soft. However, shaving only shows temporary result that lasts just several days. Make sure you know your alternatives before you decide to remove the armpit hair permanently.

Methods of Removing Armpit Hair Permanently

Shaving usually still leaves some dark patches of hair base, but it is quite effective in removing body odor problem. However, there are methods that can remove armpit hair in longer periods compared to regular shaving. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, result periods and of course costs. Here are the common hair removal methods for armpit hair:

  • Depilatory cream. This kind of cream works by breaking down disulfide bonds that make the hair or keratin sticks on the skin. The cream usually has a kind of spatula that you use after the cream works, in which the hair usually falls off by itself. The cream is available at supermarkets or drugstores and usually cheap, but it can create hot sensation and some people with sensitive skin may not like it.
  • Waxing. This requires special waxing cream or paste, either bought or made in your own kitchen. Waxing is painful, but it is cheap and easily done, and you do not have to shave every several days.
  • Laser. This is a popular expensive treatment used to kill follicles, and the result usually leaves no dark patches at all, which still can happen when you remove the hair by shaving. This is expensive because it usually takes multiple steps, and it usually works better for women with light skin.
  • Electrolysis. This is a method that will involve some electric blast applied to the follicles, which then will kill the follicles ability to grow armpit hair again. While this method is painful, the result is permanent and you do not have to deal with armpit hair for really long time. You surely will not have to spend time waxing and shaving.
  • Intense pulled light treatment. This is a new treatment that involves a tool that generates intense light, which disintegrate the hair shafts with permanent result. Plus, it also can create good result without dark spots. However, it is expensive because the treatment must be done repeatedly.

Removing hair and stop growing permanently from your underarm is great to solve body odor problem, and whether you choose easy or expensive methods, all of these methods are common and can be applied anytime depend on your budgets.

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