How to stop body odor naturally with baking soda

Wednesday, March 19th 2014. | Lifestyle

The Answer For how to stop body odor naturally with baking soda?

Body odor will be one of the problem that will shot down people self confidence. Unlike the discoloring teeth that make the person simply give fade smile, body odor is not something visually destroy the confidence. Through the air, the odor will give people nearby another warning for the odor on certain person. Hiding the body odor by applying too much perfume is not really help.

Learning the reason behind the body odor will give you better understanding to deal with it. The sweat actually does not have troublesome smell. It is the bacteria that make people have different kind of smell. For this reason, you can reduce the smell by reducing the amount of sweat.

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For this reason, having less physical activity and prevent to have more outdoor activities will help you out. It is also important to treat the bacteria that produce the odor. For certain case, thyroid disease will be responsible for excessive sweating. It is also possible to get extra sweating as the side effect for taking certain medicine.

It is interesting that people actually have found the way on how to stop body odor naturally with baking soda. All that you can do is combining the deodorant with the baking soda. To make the baking soda stick, you need to apply the deodorant heavier. After that you can put the baking soda just like applying baby powder.

If you concern with the chance that the mixture will stain your dress, you can try different mixture. You can make use the lemon juice and baking soda mixture. You can apply the mixture to the armpit and feet. It is important to note that baking soda can cause respiratory problem. It will be better not to inhaling it.

Those with sensitive skin may get skin irritation. For this reason, any doctor approval will limit the risk for skin problem. In addition to how to stop body odor naturally with baking soda, you also need to avoid foods that cause body odor.