How to whiten teeth fast at home with coconut oil

How to whiten teeth fast at home? Whiten teeth fast you can do using coconut oil. This method is a natural way because it is done by using natural materials are easily obtained. How to do it? Can brush teeth with coconut oil?

Coconut oil has many benefits such as herbs, health, and even alternatives to beauty. Coconut oil is quite popular with high humidity levels, so good for rejuvenating the skin. However, the fact that coconut oil is also useful as a way to whiten teeth.

Causes of yellow teeth

What causes yellow teeth? There are other things that can make the teeth become yellow, a condition in which a thin enamel. Enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth that is useful to protect the enamel underneath. The enamel layer is a layer of hard, thick enough, and white. Under the enamel layer there is a layer called dentin brownish-yellow (pale brown).

When the enamel (the outer layer of teeth) thinning, then a layer of yellowish dentin will be visible from the outside, thus making the teeth look yellow. Depletion of the enamel layer can be caused by several things, namely age, foods and beverages such as sweet and sour candies, oranges and soft drinks can erode tooth enamel, thus making the enamel so thin.

How to whiten teeth fast at home with coconut oil

Actually there are many ways to restore teeth to be white and clean again. But if the already dull and yellowed teeth, toothbrush certainly not enough. You have to perform extra care to restore the white color on your teeth. Well respond to the issue, we will provide a solution to you.

One of the materials that can be used to whiten teeth naturally at home is coconut oil. To whiten teeth at home this you also need salt. The trick is to use natural ingredients made from coconut oil and salt.

Prepare 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon salt. Combine the two materials into a container, then make the herb as a remedy for gargling. Gargle with the mixture for about 5 minutes, but do not swallow. After 5 minutes, rinse again with water until clean.

Although the way to whiten teeth naturally very simple, but a combination of coconut oil and salt is very effective for cleaning the tartar and make teeth become white again. Salt can erode dental plate that causes the teeth become yellow and dull, while coconut oil can clean your teeth to make it white again.

Can brushing teeth using coconut oil?

Toothbrushes generally use toothpaste. But, have you ever thought to brush my teeth using natural ingredients such as coconut oil or baking soda? Can brush teeth using coconut oil? Quoted from page, brushed his teeth using natural materials such as coconut oil that has many benefits for dental health.

Brushing teeth with natural materials also allows the teeth remain healthy and free of problems. The benefits of brushing his teeth with coconut oil among others whiten teeth, prevent tartar, strengthens the gums and prevent bad breath.

Clean and whiten teeth by brushing teeth using coconut oil. Teeth also will look more shiny and free of bacteria and plaque causes problems yellow teeth. Nutrients and vitamins contained in coconut oil will make the bacteria and germs that cause tartar can be overcome with good. It is also very possible teeth free from toothache.

If you want to get strong gums and teeth healthy, it is recommended that you brush their teeth regularly used coconut oil 2 to 3 times a week. The active compounds and antioxidants in coconut oil will strengthen the gums and teeth. It can also minimize the risk of cavities and fractured tooth.

For you who have bad breath, try to brush her teeth with coconut oil every morning and before bed. Compounds contained in coconut oil will kill bacteria and germs in the teeth and the mouth that cause bad breath. Brush your teeth by using coconut oil can be done this way.

The treatment did every day on a regular basis in order to get maximum results. Thus an easy way to whiten teeth using coconut oil and salt. Although very simple, but the way it is quite effective if you do it regularly at home. Hopefully this natural way to be useful to you.

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