Resolve the problem if you have multiple health insurance

Resolve the problem if you have multiple health insurance. Health insurance is the most important insurance to your have. Costs of expensive health care can be very costly if you are not insured by the insurer. Not infrequently there are people who have to sell his goods to bear the cost of hospital care. You do not have to like it if you have health insurance.

Health insurance can be obtained in various ways. You may automatically get it as a child, a wife, or as an employee in a company. You may also be insured by professional associations or societies. In other words, you get it without buying their own. Therefore, there is a possibility you overinsured. For example, as an employee you get health insurance from your employer. However, as your wife also get a guarantee from the company where your husband works. Though both may be cover the same health risks.

multiple health insurance, double claim of health insurance

You can claim the cost of your care at two insurance companies at once. However, in accordance with the principle of health insurance in which clients only receive a maximum reimbursement of costs incurred claims, both health insurance firms will be coordinated so that no double payment. The mechanism in which the insurance companies to coordinate the claim is called COB (coordination of benefits).

In the scheme of COB, you can simply make a claim to one insurance company, for example from your office. The insurer will calculate total cost that covered appropriate your policy. If there are costs that are not covered by insurance because limit is exceeded or included in the exemption policy, you can ask the insurance company to coordinate with the insurance company of the husband’s office. The insurance company will first send the original claim to the second insurance company with the details of the total of claims that have been approved to be paid. The second insurance company will analyze claims and pay the deficiency, in accordance with policy benefits.

To facilitate the process of your claim, you should first notify the insurance company when filing a claim that you are covered as a participant in any other insurance. Thus, since the beginning they had to communicate with the other insurers if your claim exceeds of the limit benefit in your policy.

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