Signs and how to overcome obesity in infants

Signs and how to overcome obesity in infants. Signs of obesity in infants must be identified before it is too late. If a baby is exposed to obesity then it should be done care measures because obesity will inhibit the growth of the baby. If a baby is left to obesity then he can not grow was later either physical, mental or psychological.

Signs of obesity in infants

Recognize the signs of infant obesity early on. The earlier a infant is exposed to obesity know that the smaller the risk that may occur. Parents do need to be vigilant and careful when he saw the baby looks bigger than others infant. Do not be happy or feel passionately if the baby appears more fat due to it being an early indicator of obesity.

overcome obesity in infants, Signs of obesity in infants

Obesity is the main sign of the baby’s weight. Compare baby weight standards in accordance with his age. Standard baby weight can be obtained in IHC, health centers, pediatricians or info from the internet. If the baby’s weight is above average, parents should be alert for the possibility of a positive infant obesity can occur.

After checking the baby’s weight, then parents can observe the baby’s physical form. Signs of obesity seen in infants who looked fat with a lot of body folds. Comparison between height or length of the body with the shape of the body looks out of proportion. Signs of obesity in infants is likely to be short neck, chin which has many folds, enlarged abdomen and cheeks that look rounded or chubby.

How to overcome obesity in infants

If the obesity in infant then parents must take action to care them for the baby grow normally. The first thing to address obesity in infant is provide milk than formula. Breast milk is proven to prevent and address obesity in infants. But if it turns out the baby does not like milk so parents should control portion given formula milk. Infant formula should not be given excessive by reason of affection and pity for the baby because it will only make obesity worse.

When the baby is affected by obesity, parents must begin to control the baby’s diet. Do not always follow the wish or demand the baby to eat. You should give the baby eat first before he whines. Make a regular pattern for a baby. The food given to infants obesity should avoid sweet foods, high calorie and fat. Give plenty of fruits and vegetables. If the baby is still small, then the form of fruit juice or vegetable juice may be an option. Babies who are obese should eat foods that contain lots of fiber to facilitate digestion and lose weight.

In addition, babies who are obese have often invited to perform physical activity. Babies can be invited to the baby spa so he can move freely in the water or any other game. In the above ways, the parents will be able to overcome the signs of obesity in infants.

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