The effect of delaying immunization schedule in children

The effect of delaying immunization schedule in children. Every baby needs immunizations, because babies do not have immune systems strong enough to fight bacteria and viruses. However, sometimes a lot of mothers who delayed immunization schedule for the reason that the baby’s condition is not well. Actually, this delay is not a problem, but the ability to recognize the virus will slow down, so that the virus can strike children.

Runny nose, mild fever, and a cough that occurs in infants is not really a reason not to give immunizations. The infants in this condition is still safe to give immunizations. But if you do not feel confident to give immunizations when the child is coughing runny nose or mild fever, immunization can be postponed.

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Immunization is very helpful for the child’s immune system recognizes the virus, but there are some conditions where it is recommended not to immunize a child. If your child only has a cough, runny nose and mild fever, this is not a problem, but if the child has a high fever should not be immunized. In severe circumstances, the child could be paralyzed.

In some cases of febrile children are immunized, there were exposed cerebral palsy, in which the child can not use his limbs well and will experience stunted growth. Delaying immunization schedule is very good if the child is fever. Identify and check the state of your child before being immunized. Do not let the scary thing happened.

Adverse events after immunization

Every child immunization, definitely get side effects such as swelling and redness around the injection site, mild fever, or a child becomes fussy. This is normal, and usually a side effect that happens depends on the immune system of the child. Children will have a strong immune system if given exclusively breastfed. Exclusive breastfeeding is the right of the child and every child has the right to get it from his mother. Because milk will greatly affect the health and development.

Adverse events after immunization nothing to worry about, to worry about is if the child is not immunized and can not recognize the virus enters the body. If indeed you are confused between giving or delay the immunization schedule for your baby, you can consult your doctor, you will find the best way.

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