Tips on how to care for football jersey

Tips on how to care for soccer jersey. If you like the sport of football you definitely have a uniform or football jersey, do you know how to take care of the football jersey so that your football jersey your pride team is not quickly broken.

How to wash your soccer jersey or football shirt properly. How to care for football jersey is not the same as caring for another shirt. Washing football jersey must be considered, because of errors in the wash can cause damage to the football jersey. In order fonts and patches on your football jersey not easily broken or defective.

care for football jersey, How to wash your football jersey

How to wash your football jersey:

  • Sprinkle detergent in a bucket
  • Enter the water into a bucket, and stir until foamy. Use cold water, do not use hot water
  • Enter your football jersey into a bucket that was filled with water detergent
  • Soak your football jersey for approximately 2-3 minutes
  • Wash your football jersey lifted and dipped back over and over
  • Then enter your football jersey into a bucket of clean water
  • Enter your football jersey and dip over and over again until the detergent is lost
  • Let the water on your football jersey with his own fall,  don’t squeezing your football jersey
  • Don’t get your football jersey exposed to direct sunlight, drying with the hanger
  • If you want your football jersey ironed, use a steam iron, or it could be a regular iron but be careful not to note the temperature of the iron too hot.

Sometimes in our minds is to soak the shirt longer will be cleaner. But actually with longer soaking can fade screen printing on the football jersey. Soaking football jersey are either not more than 3 minutes. Avoid squeezing your football jersey too hard.  So the tips, may be useful to you in caring your football jersey.

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