Tips provide nutritious foods in toddlers

Nutritious foods

Tips provide nutritious foods in toddlers. Choosing nutritious foods to children is one of the home jobs for moms. Keeping the intake of nutrients that enter the body of the child is important. Of course, because, toddlers need more nutrition for body growth. In addition to the development of the body, making the intake of nutritious toddler as materials to help its growth.

Children aged under five have not been able to distinguish or choose nutritious foods for them. Therefore, foods with lots of nutrients for infants chosen by the toddler’s mother as a partner in the womb. Mothers who usually understand the desire toddlers as physical and non-physical closeness that has existed as long as in the womb.

provide nutritious, nutritious foods

ASI to be the main source of nutrition for infants. Choosing nutritious foods for toddlers only be used as intake of milk that helps the child to know the type of solid food. Toddlers should be taught from an early age knew solid foods. This suggests that milk is the main food and their first.

Toddlers through a phase of life that is most important in development and growth. These phase requires a lot of sacrifice from the mother. Mothers should be able to find the right menu and favored by a toddler. The transition period experienced by toddlers make Mom should pay attention to the condition of a toddler.

Toddler is the phase after the baby and before your child step five old. In those days it was a transition between milk and solid food. Your baby for about six months just to consume milk, eating slowly should start complementary feeding habit. Solid food must be given according to the needs of his age.

The selection of nutritious foods for infants after a period of exclusive breastfeeding is 6 months, sometimes makes mother encountered obstacles. However, constraints can be resolved with increase the knowledge about healthy food.

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