5 foods to help overcome motion sickness

With family during the holidays are definitely planning a vacation to somewhere. But sometimes there are some of you were drunk when traveling far, and how to overcome motion sickness? Of course, very unpleasant if trip you must go through with the conditions of travel sickness such as nausea, dizziness and weakness. Motion sickness is often called car sickness.

The smell of cigarette smoke plus solar plus journey that turned turn and climb down will aggravate the situation even motion sickness, the mouth was not good and queasy stomach. In reports from stylecraze, here are some foods you can eat to overcome motion sickness.

foods to help overcome motion sickness

Honey and lemon water can prevent motion sickness. Honey and lemon are two of the best natural ingredients to neutralize toxins, treat disease, or not feeling well, one of which is motion sickness. If you’ve arrived home, you should immediately take honey and a squeeze of lemon juice mixed with cold water to taste. Drinking away little by little.

Orange juice cure motion sickness. In the stomach, the stomach acid will accumulate and make you drunk. But after that, you can drink a sour taste, but fresh as orange juice because it will make your mouth feels fresh and relieve nausea.

Ginger overcome motion sickness. Ginger is one of the medicinal plants are known to be very good to overcome nausea, indigestion, constipation, bloating, and various other digestive problems. You can brew ginger that has been digeprak or cut into pieces and drinking with honey.

Bananas can overcome motion sickness. Bananas are one of the fruits that are good for this diet also has a good role in restoring vitality after drunk. Bananas have the amount of potassium and protein, which will restore your body’s mineral needs are missing and other nutrients are wasted. Eating bananas 1-2 fruit and it will be able to reduce nausea and restore your energy.

That’s some food to cope with motion sickness. If you have a habit of motion sickness, no one tips to overcome motion sickness. One of the most common causes motion sickness is thinking will motion sickness. Even before the car ride will make you motion sickness when you thinking it. Hence, do not think if you frequently travel sickness, enjoy your trip, forget all thoughts and enjoy your trip.

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