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Can you get pimples from eating junk food

Today question: can you get pimples from eating junk food?

Pimple is quite common problem during puberty period. Most of teen will have this problem for one or two. It may end after the teenage reach adulthood. But for certain individually, the problem may last forever.

For the note, people with oily skin tend to have the pimple problem. The overuse of product that reduces the oil level on the face can cause the counter balance from the body. This will be a constant battle that set the possibility for pimple appearance.

get rid of pimples, cause of pimples, pimples treatment

Apart from the oily face problem, can you get pimples from eating junk food will be an interesting question. Most people simply associate junk food with overweight problem. Some research simply finds the relation between the chances for more pimples around when people take more junk food. But such conclusion is not generally accepted.

Some scientist believed that the consumption of refined carbohydrate within most of the western diet has become the main suspect for the pimple breakout.  As the solution, having more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein will give you better skin health. But still, taking the health food does not wipe the chance for the pimple perfectly. You may find one or two at tolerate level.

Taking less junk food is a good way to have more than just less pimple around. It is a good way to have less health problem in general. But still, people may do the mistake. Having a juice with extra sugar will only give you higher sugar level in your blood. With frequent intake, it is possible that you will get diabetes as the next problem.

Those with diabetes may have slow recovery rate from pimple.  It will explain why the pimple cream that you have so far does not work well. For this reason, checking your sugar rate will be an important thing.

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