Cause of Vomiting in Toddlers, Vomiting after Drinking Milk, serious cause of baby vomiting

Cause of Vomiting in Toddlers after Drinking Milk

What a cause of vomiting in toddlers after drinking milk? Milk is the only thing a baby can consume for the first several months of his or her life; naturally, it starts with breastfeeding, and some mothers probably add whole milk after their babies learn to eat. Vomiting is a common symptom happens after babies drink milk, and it often sends many parents panicking when they see the baby vomits after drinking seemingly harmless breast milk. However, vomiting after drinking milk actually is quite common; it can be caused by numerous harmless causes, from indigestion to gastritis.

However, there are indeed some more serious cases that also cause vomiting after drinking milk. This is often accompanied by other symptoms, so parents must be aware of the signs if they want to continue giving their babies milk.

Cause of Vomiting in Toddlers, Vomiting after Drinking Milk, serious cause of baby vomiting

Common Causes of Vomiting after Drinking Milk

Vomiting after drinking milk can happen at early ages, and many babies experience this. It can be normal reaction the baby has when he or she is adjusting with the milk feeding, and sometimes this also happens when the baby feels too full after drinking milk. There are also babies that vomit after drinking milk if they cry or cough for a long time before drinking. Also, if you breastfeed the baby during and after a long trip in a vehicle, the baby may throw up due to carsickness. Gastroenteritis is a type of infection that attacks babies during early months when they still drink breast milk, and this is usually accompanied by diarrhea.

If the baby vomits after you give him or her whole milk (not breast mill), see if the vomiting is accompanied with bloating, stomach pain and diarrhea (treat diarrhea in children). If this happens, this may be because the baby has lactose intolerance. You can try to stop the supply of whole milk and change it with other type of milk like goat’s milk. If the symptoms subside, maybe it is lactose intolerance.

However, there are other cases of vomiting that you should be worry about. In this case you can read the article about Home remedies to stop vomiting in children.

Serious Causes of Vomiting after Drinking Milk

More serious cause of baby vomiting after drinking milk is severe infection, such as urine or ear infections. Also, if you give the baby whole milk and it experiences all symptoms of lactose intolerance, plus other symptoms like rash, difficulty in breathing and fever, this may be the cause of allergy. You better bring your baby to the doctor.

Also, you must also pay attention when the vomiting is accompanied by these symptoms:

  • Refusal to drink milk even after a couple of hours.
  • The presence of bile and blood in the vomit.
  • The baby is super irritable and has difficulty sleeping.
  • The stomach is bloated or hardened and the fontanelle is swollen.
  • Not stop vomiting after 12 hours, and always vomit with great frequency and power.

If those symptoms present with the vomiting, especially after your baby drinks his or her milk (breast milk, whole milk or formula), you better not take any bet and go to the doctor to have the baby checked. While vomiting is normal in babies, make sure you know when to bring the baby to the doctor immediately.

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