Causes of allergic cough in children

Causes of allergic cough in children. Allergy cough is a reaction caused by the body’s inability to tolerate certain substances, such as dust allergy or cold weather. Cough was actually a reflex respiratory system to rid it of foreign particles, mucus, irritants, and microbes. So coughing is actually a normal body reaction and an early warning if there is a disruption of the body’s respiratory tract. Allergic cough reaction arises because the allergen triggers excessive production of mucus in the respiratory tract.

Causes of allergy cough in children are numerous and varied. Can of food to the not of food. Moreover, the effects of climate unhealthy, contaminated food chemicals harmful until the environment around any child can be a trigger that cough. Causes of allergic cough triggered by food it can be derived from the greasy food, excessive use of preservatives, contain dyes that are harmful to health, or certain foods that can trigger coughing in children.

Causes of allergic cough in children, Allergic cough reaction arises, Causes of allergic cough triggered by food

Causes of allergy cough triggers instead of food, can be from inhalation of dust (carpet or filter AC), plant pollen, animal fur, cotton, lime powder, even the smell can cause coughing. The cause of this allergy cough was the most common in this time is a factor of the food and beverage, snacks for kids are very widely sold in shops or their schools. Most contain dyes redundant and selection of materials processing also are not well controlled, sold cheap and rely on profit. Of course this is very dangerous for the health of children who have high levels of vulnerable to allergies.

The role of parents in the care of children is very important, because it triggers a cough is affecting the health of children. Because, basically, allergies can not be eliminated but the trigger can be minimized. Try for cause allergy cough is not often repeated and uncontrollable as it may interfere with the central nervous system or the brain, such as recurrent headaches, sleep disturbance due to cough deeply disturbing to delay speech and behavioral disorders.

As far as possible parents provide healthy food and beverage processing itself, keeping the environment clean of dust, dirt, do not maintain a hairy beast and so is one of the simplest ways to protect the cause of allergy cough in children.

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